Multi-Incident Response Vehicle


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Safe-D National UTC


The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) project team led a collaborative effort with Neaera Consulting Group to develop and integrate a Multi-Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV) into the Safely Operating Automated Driving Systems (SOADS) vehicle. The MIRV vehicle will be applied as one technical solution to how automated driving systems can be designed to interact safely with public safety in challenging scenarios. This project explored whether a MIRV can extend the perception of an ADS to beyond the vehicle by providing eyes on the ground for better situational awareness, deploy flares to secure a scene surrounding a driverless vehicle, and communicate with emergency, safety, and police personnel. The MIRV will be docked underneath the SOADS F-150 vehicle and can be automatically deployed for both autonomous operation and remote teleoperations. Control and supervision of the MIRV will be possible through the cloud, accessible via mobile device and remote fleet management software. The MIRV will potentially demonstrate a new application of autonomous technology in transportation that could greatly improve safety by performing dangerous tasks, allowing passengers to remain safely in the vehicle while it is disposed on the roadway, or perform necessary functions outside the vehicle when there are no passengers at all.



automation, ADS, extending, outside vehicle, robot, remote