The History of a Proposed Indoor Training Facility and Stadium Woods

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A history of how a unique white oak old-growth urban forest unofficially known as Stadium Woods located on the campus of Virginia Tech has been recognized as having historical and ecological significance. The 11 plus acre white oak dominant forest remnant contains numerous trees over 36 inches in diameter, indicating many trees greater than 200 - 300 years in age. A controversial proposal to build an indoor athletic training facility on portions of the woodland initiated the appointment, by the Virginia Tech President, of the Athletic Practice Facility Site Evaluation Committee (APFSEC) and an environmental consultant ecological assessment of the Stadium Woods natural land area. APFSEC gathered its findings into a report and presented a set of recommendations to address the building proposal debate.

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Seiler, J. R. (2012). The History of a Proposed Indoor Training Facility and Stadium Woods, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. College of Natural Resources and Environment, Virginia Tech: 19 pp.