Post Drought Migration and Technological Innovations Among Fulani Herders in Senegal: The Triumph of the Tube!

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The innovation associated with changes in the herding system of Fulani herders along the Senegal River in northern Senegal is described. Changes in the herding system came about as a result of the establishment of irrigated rice fields. The most important single factor in this process is the invention of a new system for carrying water over long distances: the use of huge tractor-type inner tubes from machinery employed when laying-out rice fields. When laid on horse or donkey carts, these tubes can transport large quantities of water, and have made a contribution to the prosperity of many Senegalese herders. The discussion examines: agricultural encroachment and improvement of production opportunities; changing practices resulting from the drought; Egge-egge herders in the Linguere-Matam area; uneven herd distribution; new production strategies; changing herd strategies; the inner tube and the donkey cart; increased mobility and the new grazing techniques; competition for resources and conflicts over access; and adaption to new opportunities. (CAB Abstract)


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Livestock, Herders, Senegal, Water, Agricultural production, Grazing, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale


London, England, UK: International Institute for Environment and Development Issue Paper- Dryland Programme No. 64