Pangea Playback Theatre's "What Now?"

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Virginia Tech

On June 11, 2021, Pangea Playback Theatre gave a performance on the theme of “What Now?” for a public audience of friends and family. This was the group’s second public performance after a year’s worth of numerous private online performances for clients. Hannah Fox, seen Conducting this performance, is the daughter of Jonathan Fox & Jo Salas (co-founders of the original Playback Theatre) and is Co-Director of the New York School of Playback Theatre (

Production Credits: Conductor|Hannah Fox Musician|Steve Nash Actors|Joyce Lu, Cherae Halley, Ricardo Pérez González, Will C Technician | Federico Mallet Flores

Duration: 1 hr, 32 min Forms Used: “Zoom” (Fluid) Sculpture|Perspectives | Story | 3-Part Story|Tableau|Beat

This performance in featured in "Storytelling on Screen: An Online Playback Theatre Archive and Guidebook" by Jordan Rosin and Heidi Winters Vogel, which is available at

Theatre, Performing Arts, Playback Theatre, Improvisation, Storytelling, Applied Theatre, Pandemic, COVID-19