Understanding the target farmers of agroforestry and sustainable vegetable production development: The case of Nanggung subdistrict, Bogor, Indonesia

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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)


Agroforestry systems constitute promising livelihood options for rural poor in the uplands and also represent a strategic management approach for degraded land (watershed) that balances both economic and environmental issues. In Indonesia, the SANREM CRSP program "Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asia Watersheds" aims to improve both technological options and ecological potential of integrated vegetable agroforestry (VAF) to benefit farmer livelihoods. This socioeconomic baseline study is a farm/household assessment focusing on vegetable-producing farm and household budget analyses in the target area. It provides an analytical basis for socioeconomic impact assessment of integrated VAF systems. The socioeconomic data collected comprises demographics, farm characteristics, households' incomes and expenditures, gender roles, and labor availability.



Household enterprise, Income generation, Economic analyses, Small-scale farming, Poverty, Gender, Agroforestry, Small holder enterprise, Agroforestry, Access to land, Income distribution, Poverty, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Abstract presented at 2008 SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting Los Baños, Philippines, 26-28 May 2008