Circle of Poison: Pesticides and People in a Hungry World

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Oakland, CA: Institute for Food and Development Policy


In this book, the author explores the problem of U.S. corporations dumping banned drugs and pesticides into Third World markets. This book argues that globalization and international trade has endangered people in less developed countries who lack the necessary regulations and literacy to safely handle dangerous pesticides. Dumping these harmful chemicals in other countries has had a drastically negative effect on the health of local people. This book closes the circle by looking at how developed countries then import products treated with those banned substances, further implying that the trade of harmful pesticides affects everyone.


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Globalization, Pest control, Imports, World markets, Environmental impacts, International trade, Pesticide poisoning, Pest management, Trade regulations, Health impacts, Trade policy, Health, Exports, Circle of poison, Pesticides, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dumping, Hazardous, The Philippines, Coffee beans, International trade, Mexico, Insecticide, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance