Cognitive radio engine based on genetic algorithms in a network

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A genetic algorithm (GA) approach is used to adapt a wireless radio to a changing environment. A cognitive radio engine implements three algorithms; a wireless channel genetic algorithm (WCGA), a cognitive system monitor (CSM) and a wireless system genetic algorithm (WSGA). A chaotic search with controllable boundaries allows the cognitive radio engine to seek out and discover unique solutions efficiently. By being able to control the search space by limiting the number of generations, crossover rates, mutation rates, fitness evaluations, etc., the cognitive system can ensure legal and regulatory compliance as well as efficient searches. The versatility of the cognitive process can be applied to any adaptive radio. The cognitive system defines the radio chromosome, where each gene represents a radio parameter such as transmit power, frequency, modulation, etc. The adaptation process of the WSGA is performed on the chromosomes to develop new values for each gene, which is then used to adapt the radio settings.