A Catalog of Health and Wellness Programs for Commercial Drivers


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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


The purpose of this study was to identify, review, and document existing CMV driver H&W programs and to identify industry best practices. The study began with a thorough literature review to understand the common medical conditions found among CMV drivers and the health risks—both behavioral and environment—associated with driving a commercial vehicle, along with a review of existing risk factor intervention programs and H&W programs designed for commercial drivers. Next, the study team conducted phone interviews with fleet and industry representatives to document and detail their H&W programs and initiatives and to identify program metrics and reported outcomes. This report includes a discussion of key aspects of existing programs, program recruitment methods, health assessments and testing, health education and coaching, and follow-up and maintenance activities. Findings from this study will inform recommendations for a larger study to evaluate the effectiveness of an H&W program for motor carrier operations.



CMV, Commercial motor vehicle, Commercial drivers, CMV health and wellness, Health and wellness programs