The Roadblocks Women in Virginia Face in Sports Media

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Virginia Tech


Roadblocks for women in Virginia sports media were explored. The study helps provide guidance to improve opportunities for women in Virginia sports media and allow the the same opportunities as their male counterparts. The literature review examined the theoretical framework needed to help further explain the needs of women in sports media and how roadblocks they face affect them. The theoretical framework applied within the study was Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Study participants included two women who have over 20+ years of experience within sports media. The interviews were semi-structured providing feedback that gave insight into personal experiences within their individual career paths. Qualitative interviews were collected and analyzed, and five themes emerged leading to the recommendations. The recommendations were aimed toward women looking to become sports journalists in Virginia. The results determined that women in sports media in Virginia should focus on five distinct themes: Work Ethic, Be Who You Are, Experience, Diversity, and Giving Back. Women already working within the field of sports media and young aspiring journalists should be transparent throughout the process. People placed in leadership positions should understand how important opportunities are, how to focus on improving leadership/decision making, creating more work-like experiences, and understanding diversity for the young aspiring journalists entering the field.