The Policies That Work—and Don’t Work—to Stop Predatory For-Profit Colleges

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The Century Foundation


For-profit colleges do not always recruit aggressively; nor do they always shortchange students. But the problem of colleges systematically overpromising and under delivering, when it does happen, has largely been a for-profit phenomenon. The abuses have been the most widespread and most damaging when they have been fueled by government grants and loans. A cycle has been created: federal money stokes scandals, regulations are adopted in response, the regulations are then relaxed, and the scandals repeat. This report discusses nine of the levers that Congress and the executive branch have used, and should fine-tune and/ or reinstate, in order to root out abuses and to steer colleges toward practices and outcomes that are in the best interests of students and taxpayers.



for-profit colleges, universities and colleges, education, higher--law and legislation, college education costs