Gender in Rural Areas

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This chapter argues that women play a significant role in agriculture in developing countries that is not properly addressed or fully recognized. Culture and changing technologies affect the roles assigned to men and women. These roles and the gender divisions of labor in agriculture greatly affect gendered knowledge. Men and women spend their time differently; oftentimes, women have more work because they are in charge of reproductive work as well as contributing to productive income-earning activities for the family. It is important for agricultural development programs to recognize the differences in men and women's knowledge and women's extensive contributions in order to be effective and benefit men and women alike. They also must recognize the changing roles of men and women as new income-earning opportunities arise, and new technologies are adopted.


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Rural development, Sustainable development, Culture, Women, Environmental impacts, Livelihoods, Gender, Sustainable agriculture, Local knowledge, Health, Adoption of innovations, Gender roles, Gendered knowledge, Farm/Enterprise Scale