Nanggung agroenterprise development's progress activities on developing Katuk and Kucai's production plots


The market opportunity identification survey has recommended that Nanggung farmers produce and market Katuk and Kucai as a high potential VAFs. The farmers in Nanggung generally plant vegetables only in small area with low productivity and quality, produce irregular yields, have insufficient market information, limited access to credit and selling the products individually. Market required reliability of quality, regular supply and minimum quantity to fulfill economic efficiency in transporting the vegetables to the market. To overcome the farmer's constraints and respond to market opportunity, the farmers need to coordinate their production and marketing activities through collective marketing by developing a Nanggung agro-enterprise.



Participatory processes, Adult education, Income generation, Local markets, Market demand, Experiential learning, Livelihoods, Small-scale farming, Demonstrations, Farmer to farmer, Markets, Agroforestry, Small holder enterprise, Extension service, Adoption of innovations, Katuk, Kucai, Agroenterprise, VAF, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Presented at the EEP Meeting, IPB Campus, Bogor, Indonesia, 29 May 2008