Advancing Women at Virginia Tech: University Statistics - Fall 2012

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Virginia Tech


Sustaining AdvanceVT: AdvanceVT began in 2003 as a comprehensive program to promote and enhance the careers of women in academic science and engineering at Virginia Tech through institutional transformation. Although grant funding from the National Science Foundation expired in August 2010, AdvanceVT programs continue with support from partners across the university, including the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, the Graduate School, the Women’s Center, college deans, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. High impact initiatives have been expanded to address work‐life balance and career development issues for men and women faculty in all disciplines. College liaisons have been expanded to all colleges, and all newly hired assistant professors receive mentoring micro‐grants. AdvanceVT continues to offer signature events such as leadership lunches, graduate student seminars, and the annual Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech workshop.