Aluminum Fatigue: A literature review covering its influence on engineering from design to end of service

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Virginia Tech


This article is an examination of the field of fatigue research on aluminum alloys. It covers the historical development of the field of fatigue from its creation in the 1830s to modern times. The remainder of the paper is a survey on aluminum fatigue and research that covers the entire span of the design process. This includes research into the effects of manufacturing methods on the fatigue of parts and alloys. This is followed by analysis on methods of monitoring fatigue damage while a system is in service including sensors, methods of inspection as well as structural health monitoring systems and how they contribute to the understanding of fatigue or the mitigation of its effects. Additionally, methods of maintenance and repair are examined with focus the mechanisms they exploit to retard crack propagation and extend the fatigue lifetime of the part or system. Overarching themes of analysis across all areas covered include the motivation of the research as to whether it is meant to advance the understanding of the mechanisms of fatigue or to compensate for the lack of understanding of these mechanisms.



Aluminum, Fatigue, Monitoring, Repair, Manufacturing