Computer system for the reduction and analysis of soil moisture data


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Water Resources Research Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The quantitative evaluation of soil moisture through extended periods is a basic requirement in areas of research related to engineering, agriculture, and the life sciences. Invariably, it involves the processing and analysis of thousands of measurements. These are most often taken with nuclear soil moisture monitoring equipment.

It is the purpose of this report to present a system of computer programs, written in Fortran IV for the IBM 7040/1401 system, but readily convertible to other systems, designed specifically to expedite the reduction and analysis of soil moisture data. The system contains 3 unique and independent programs or sections. The first section consists of a reduction of the basic field data, the second section is a coding, summary and plotting routine, and the third section is an analysis of variance routine. These separations allow for a more general approach in the reduction procedure. Data are collected in the field, key punched from the field sheets, and processed in exactly the same order as they are obtained....