A conservation agriculture production system program for the Central Plateau of Haiti

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Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP, OIRED, Virginia Tech

This presentation presents the research proposal for improving food security for smallholders in the central plateau of Haiti (LTRA-6). Productivity is very low and hunger is a soaring problem in Haiti, especially in rural areas. To increase crop productivity, formal and informal survey methods will be used on 15-20 plots to evaluate existing production systems and compare them with both fertilized and non-fertilized conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS). With the creation of farmer field schools and innovation teams, this research will provide a solid foundation for future agricultural outreach and collaborate efforts to improve the sustainability of food production in Haiti.

Training, Conservation agriculture, Farmer field schools, Local NGOs, Soil quality, Food security, Soil organic matter, Haiti, Crop productivity, CAPS, Food production, rural exodus, food insecurity, Field Scale
Presented at the 2010 SANREM CRSP Kick-Off/Annual Meeting, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 6 May 2010