The development of laboratory sessions for a introductory course in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Virginia Tech

The history and philosophy underlying the design of the experimental component of an intensive introductory course in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) is presented. The concept of a "hands on" experience is used to transform the complete NMR novice into a competent operator. In addition to exposing the student to classical elucidation tools, advanced techniques, such as two dimensional and solid state NMR, are introduced. Through the use of unknowns, participants are encouraged to develop practical problem solving strategies. The detailed contents of the twenty-six experiments developed for the laboratory sessions are reviewed. The five day course schedule, and a coversheet, containing pertinent references for each experiment, is included. An examination of the unknowns utilized in the course, and a glossary of NMR terms is also presented.