Taking stock and charting a way forward for Payments for Ecosystem Services in Africa: A meeting of the East & Southern Africa Katoomba Group

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Previous regional Katoomba meetings in Uganda (2005) and South Africa (2006) demonstrated that Africans have become increasingly interested in market-based conservation strategies, including payments for ecosystem services (PES). While a number of projects are underway, PES in the East and Southern African region primarily occurs on an ad hoc basis through small-scale pilot projects. Information, capacity to design and manage PES deals, and institutions to support on-the-ground implementation are all lacking and have hindered efforts to scale up.

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Carbon sequestration, Niche markets, Payments for environmental services, Environmental services, Water, Conservation strategy, Water pollution, PES, Conference, Africa, Payments for ecosystem services, Market-based conservation, Carbon markets, Reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (redd), Ecosystem
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, 16-18 September 2008