Hyper-Progressive Single Shot Detector (HPSSD) Algorithm for Door Panel Type-B Detection

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In an automobile, the door panel type-B constitutes the interior compartment of the door, primarily composed of screws and white installations forming its structural framework. However, automated manufacturing and maintenance procedures often struggle to accurately detect these components due to their pronounced resemblance to other elements on the panel. Computer vision techniques present a viable solution to this challenge. In this paper, we propose the Hyper-Progressive Single Shot Detector (HPSSD), an object detection algorithm designed to address the aforementioned challenge. Our proposed HPSSD builds on the Single Shot Detector (SSD) algorithm and introduces several enhancements to improve its detection capabilities. The first modification involves replacing the VGG-16 backbone with a ResNet-50 module. Furthermore, we incorporated the Residual Convolutional Block Attention Mechanism (RCBAM) to boost the algorithm’s functionality. To enlarge the receptive fields of each pixel–an essential step for enhancing detection accuracy–we executed multi-dilated convolutions. In the final stage of our development process, we embedded a three-stage progressive attention mechanism (PAM). The PAM is instrumental in generating refined feature maps, which serve as the foundation for precise object detection on the door panel dataset comprising 1200 images. After running 50k iterations on the door panel dataset, the HPSSD displayed a promising mean average precision of 98.2% at a speed of 21 frames per second (FPS). Our results suggest that the HPSSD, with its ability to deliver real-time, accurate detection, is an ideal tool for improving the quality inspection of door panels in smart factories.