Promising approaches to address the needs of poor female farmers

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Washington, D.C: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Because of imbalanced distribution of resources between men and women, women experience difficulties in access to and control of the elements of productions, natural resources, new varieties and technologies; agricultural extension; credit, social capital and market. The authors' opinion is that development programs increase gender inequalities and resource imbalances by ignoring gender issues. This IFPRI brief is about agricultural resources that are very important for women to achieve food security for their families and it suggests several promising approaches to minimize these inequalities, ensure women's access to the production elements and increase women's agricultural production.

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Social capital, Women, Land tenure, Food security, Water, Soil, Gender, Markets, Credit, Agriculture, Female farmer, Inequality, Women's control, Promising approaches, Technology, Extension, Labor, Farm/Enterprise Scale
IFPRI Note 13