Carbon enhancing management systems (CEMS): Estimation of soil carbon sequestration potential in small-holder farming systems in Northern Ghana

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Gainesville, FL: University of Florida

This bulletin explores the results of a study which measured the carbon sequestration potential for soils under different management options in Northern Ghana. Using simulation modeling, these researchers determined that soil organic carbon accumulation can be enhanced if farmers incorporate residue retention and fertilizer application practices and incorporate no-till practices into their crop management strategy. This study implies that exploring different soil management techniques in farming systems could help mitigate global climate change by promoting carbon retention in soil.

Carbon sequestration, Soil management, Soil fertility, Soil quality, Soil organic matter, Subsistence production, Ghana, Direct measurement, Simulation modeling, Soil organic carbon, Quantification, Climate change, Crop residues, Residue retention, Fertilizer application, Field Scale
Soil Management CRSP Bulletin No. 2