Evaluating performance in the hotel industry: An empirical analysis of Piedmont

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Journal of Investment and Management

The hotel industry is a key sector in the tourism industry because it is essential for the supplying of all other tourism services and it is the first service demanded by tourists who reach the destination. To assess hotel’s performance appears a hard task, because of the presence of many factors to consider, economic but also less tangible. The aim of the research is to verify the correlation between performance and its determinants in the context of the Piedmont hotel industry, through valuating a sample of 112 hotels of Piedmont. More in particular, the study in estimates whether variables as stars rating, dimension and added services provided are correlated to performance, measured by Rev Par (revenue per available room), a performance metric typical of the hotel industry. To reach these goals, the research starts with a literature review, on hotel industry in general and on performance evaluation methods more used in hotel industry. Subsequently, it will be explained the methodology and the assumptions. Finally, it will be provided results discussed on a managerial perspective, useless for management to improve quality and performance.

tourism, hotels, Performance, strategy, piedmont, RevPAR, revenue