Center for Refugee Studies, Moi University, Kenya

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The Centre for Refugee Studies is a program of the Department of Government and Public Administration in the School of Social, Cultural and Development Studies at Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya.

It began its activities in 1992 with a weeklong course for government officials and NGOs on “Refugee Rights and Law.” Its overall objectives are to establish CRS as a center of excellence in the study of forced migration and to create an environment in which people understand the root causes of refugee flows and which encourages them to be part of seeking solutions.

The Centre offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and organizes public events designed to promote awareness of issues of displacement. It works to promote multidisciplinary approaches to refugee issues with a view to improving our understanding of the causes and consequences of forced population movement. CRS networks with NGO and agencies to improve refugee protection and seeks to develop strategies for successful integration of refugees. It also seeks to evaluate existing refugee programs and to explore the possibilities for more development-oriented programs.

CRS is also a center of research on forced migration in the region. It has grouped its research activities around the following themes:
  • History of Population Displacement in the Great Lakes Region
  • Refugee Policy and Legal Regime
  • The Humanitarian Regime, Assistance and Protection of Refugees
  • Economy and Livelihood of Refugees and IDPs
  • Culture of the Refugee Family: Behavioral Characteristics of Displaced Persons
  • Education of Refugees and Displaced Persons
  • Refugee Healthcare and Welfare
  • Conflict and Security Issues in Human Displacement
  • Gender Issues in Forced Migration

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