UH3504: Investigating the Eco-Social Emergency / Honors Culture of Sustainability Lab

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  • "Got Water?" - Water Sanitation Project
    Gliga, Vera; Hallworth, Julia B. (Virginia Tech, 2021-12-10)
    Local waterways in Northern Virginia are at risk of significant loss of quality due to contamination of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have proven to be cancer causing. Fairfax Water stated that the most important step in keeping the tap water drinkable is protecting the source water. For example, a lot of the chemicals found in the tap water is due to the waterways being polluted and contaminated. When runoff occurs during and after a rain or snow event, the chemicals and litter that are located on the roads and grass, end up being distributed into the rivers and streams. In order to prevent this, there needs to be a stricter policy on what chemicals are used around the town that could possibly be swept up. Along with this, construction work tends to have a large impact on waterways as well and cause a lot of illicit discharge, such as from cement, concrete, etc. To try and prevent this from occurring, there should be stricter policies and more surveillance during construction projects.
  • Recycling Non-Biodegradable Plastics for 3D Printing Filament for Virginia Tech Dining
    Shaikh, Taha; Subzwari, Rida (2021-12-10)
    This project aims to address the waste caused by non-biodegradable plastics used for Virginia Tech Dining Services. These plastics create a huge carbon footprint and comprise a majority of Virginia Tech's material waste. This project describes alternative uses for these non-biodegradable materials and ways to recycle and reuse them in the context of dining services at Virginia Tech.
  • Affordable Housing In Washington D.C.
    Singhal, Pradyumann; Stahl, Dexter (Virginia tech, 2021-12-08)
    There is an affordable housing issue in our capital, Washington D.C. There needs to be intervention to create affordable housing to those that live under the poverty lines. In this we explain tools, technology and action plans to help solve this issue.