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The VT Lifting Analysis calculation sheet was created at Virginia Tech by Razvan Cojocaru and Dr. Cristopher Moen (cojocaru@vt.edu, cmoen@vt.edu). The equations used in this spreadsheet are based on the prediction method in Plaut, R. H., and Moen, C. D. (2012). "Analysis of elastic, doubly symmetric, horizontally curved beams during lifting." Journal of Structural Engineering, 139 (1), 39-46. The spreadsheet calculates roll angle, twist, displacements, internal forces, internal moments, and stresses in a doubly symmetric curved beam during lifting by two cables. The formulas for a circularly curved beam can readily be employed in practice, offering engineers a means of determining the resulting stresses that will occur in beams during lifting, and using the results to prevent damage and failure. The equations are valid for both curved steel and concrete beams.


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