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  • Urban Legends and the Flu: A Survey of College Students’ Perceptions
    Hausman, Bernice L.; Lawrence, Heidi; Casady, Megan; Fuller, Jessica; Shelley, Leanne; Wallen, Andria (Virginia Tech, 2012)
    Formally educated parents seem to be at the core of anti-vaccination movements. Since college and graduate students are young adults who will become the next generation of educated parents, our aim was to identify vaccination sentiments in this age group. This research could help elucidate vaccination practices and beliefs of parents in the future.
  • Vaccination on the Internet: A Qualitative Analysis of Website Discourses
    Cashion, Margaret; Lucchesi, Nicholas; Patel, Kelsey; Roberts, Jonathan (Virginia Tech, 2014)
    US parents searching the Internet to inform themselves about childhood vaccination commonly encounter conflicting information. Typically, government agencies and medical organizations sponsor websites promoting vacccination, and advocacy groups sponsor vaccine-skeptical messages. In our study, we looked at a range of websites concerning vaccination and examined the appeals they used to address visitors, persuasive strategies, and dominant themes. We looked at the first step of the persuasive process, which is conveying messages to the public.