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  • Content Operations From Start to Scale
    Evia, Carlos (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2024-03-06)
    An introduction to Content Operations (ContentOps), its place in the organization, and how we can use its principles to deliver better content at scale. An edited collection of essays that makes Content Operations teachable across silos and departments. A convergent approach for industry-based training and college level courses covering a broad spectrum of professional content. The edited collection includes ideas for teaching and exploring key concepts and topics related to ContentOps based on available resources and scale. The purpose of this collection is to provide the equivalent of a guest lecture from an industry expert to inform decision makers in industry or to inspire research and teaching ideas in academia. How to access this book
    The main landing page for this book is The book is freely available online in multiple formats including PDF, EPUB, and Mobi. ISBNs
    ISBN (PDF): 978-1-957213-87-3
    ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-957213-74-3 Suggested Citation Evia, C., 2024. Content Operations fromStart to Scale: Perspectives from IndustryExperts. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Publishing. DOI: Accessibility Virginia Tech is committed to making its publications accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Please contact if you are a person with a disability and have suggestions to make this book more accessible.
  • Conducting Mixed-Methods Research: From Classical Social Sciences to the Age of Big Data and Analytics
    Venkatesh, Viswanath; Brown, Susan; Sullivan, Yulia (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2023-12-19)
    Scholars in the social sciences are increasingly expected to incorporate both quantitative and qualitative techniques and methods into their research. The growth of “mixed-methods” research is evident in social science disciplines ranging from psychology and management to marketing and information systems. This book is designed to provide principles, strategies, and guidance specifically for researchers in these disciplines so that they can use mixed-methods research more effectively. In thirteen chapters, Conducting Mixed-Methods Research takes readers through the research process, from defining research questions to writing articles using a mixed-methods approach. For those who are well trained in either qualitative or quantitative methods, the book shows them how to think about the purposes of mixed-methods research, design mixed-methods studies, and develop meta-inferences by integrating findings from both methods. Throughout, the discussion is grounded in examples taken from published research, carefully chosen to highlight best practices, thus opening a window into a broad body of mixed-methods research applications. A paperback print version (in color) is available for order here.
  • Black Feminist Theorizing Toward Futurity: A Standpoints Volume
    Brantuo, Nana; Baldwin, Andrea (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2023-02-15)
    Black Feminist Theorizing Toward Futurity: A Standpoints Volume contains essays that apply Black feminist theory to multiple contexts, critiquing the oppression of the present while imagining Black feminist futures. The essays are divided into sections on critiquing social and institutional relations, decentering whiteness, and authoring Black feminist counternarratives of resistance. The first section of the book critiques institutional structures of health, higher education, and therapy that harm Black women and proposes methods of change. Then, reflecting the volume’s emphasis on a plurality of Black feminisms, students analyze how sociology, white feminisms, and theatrical intimacy direction center white, male, and heteronormative experiences, emphasizing the value Black feminisms bring to these contexts. Finally, the essays consider how counternarratives of resistance can destabilize inequitable power relations to promote Black liberation, concluding with a poem by Marva Cossy and a reflection on the cover art by Tykeisha Swan Patrick. This volume is edited by Dr. Andrea N. Baldwin and Dr. Nana Brantuo and authored by the students from Baldwin’s Black Feminisms graduate course in the Virginia Tech Department of Sociology.
  • Conversations in Community Change: More Voices from the Field
    Stephenson, Max O. Jr.; Grimes, Cathy (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2023-02-15)
    The Community Change Collaborative (CCC) at Virginia Tech brings together student and faculty researchers, practitioners, and community partners who are committed to enacting democratic social change at local, regional, and global levels. Under the sponsorship of the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance (IPG), CCC promotes thoughtful dialogue with leaders who have devoted their professional lives to spurring or assisting with community change. This book is the product of those conversations. Following up on the successful 2021 book, Conversations in Community Change: Voices from the Field, this new volume features 16 interviews, conducted by CCC members, with thought leaders from a variety of fields and backgrounds including the arts, journalism, political activism, law, education, and science. A frequent focus of discussion in the interviews is the indispensable role that citizen agency plays in bringing about true democratic social change. The guests share stories and insights from their work, discussing successes, challenges and setbacks, and innovative approaches. The interviews originally aired on WUVT’s Talk at the Table radio program or were featured in the podcast series, Trustees Without Borders, both hosted by IPG senior fellow Andy Morikawa. Three broad themes emerge: the imperative and animating power of the imagination, the importance of story or narrative to individual and community self-understanding, and the abiding significance of human agency to democratic change and possibility.
  • Re: Reflections and Explorations: Volume 3
    Stephenson, Max O. Jr.; Lyusyena, Kirakosyan (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2023-02-15)
    In 2013 the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance (VTIPG) launched the online essay series “RE: Reflections and Explorations” for Virginia Tech graduate students to share articles concerning their evolving research, interests, and experiences on topics relevant to the VTIPG mission. The “RE: Reflections and Explorations” book series features essays selected and edited by VTIPG Director Max Stephenson Jr. and affiliated research faculty member Lyusyena Kirakosyan. This volume, the third and final in the “RE: Reflections and Explorations” series, which ended in 2021, treats dimensions of the broader trends shaping policy and governance at all scales of analysis, examining the elemental issue of democratic agency and obstacles to its exercise, the difficulties inherent for self-governance in inter-governmental cooperation and in racial, ethnic, and religious diversity and the antagonisms and challenges resulting from rapid widespread economic, social, and technological shifts. These chapters investigate the dynamics of political change and movements in a time when the prevailing social imaginary makes such action, always difficult, especially tough to achieve. The book is divided into five sections, each of which addresses a discrete topical concern. In one form or another, however, the chapters all address the consequences of Western colonialism and liberalism and of its embrace in recent decades of neoliberalism’s elevation of capitalism to a governing role and its view of freedom as atomistic individualism. By illuminating deeper political trends in the United States and beyond, the authors both give hope and signal the alarm that social change is necessary if self-governance is to be preserved.
  • No Ordinary Moment: Virginia Tech, 150 Years in 150 Images
    Purcell, Aaron D.; Rozema, L. M.; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony; Jackson, John M. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2022-08)
    Virginia Tech celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2022. What started as a fledgling school established in Southwest Virginia to promote agricultural, mechanical, and military education grew into a comprehensive research university with a global land-grant mission. As part of the celebrations, No Ordinary Moment tells the remarkable story of Virginia Tech through a selection of 150 illustrations, including numerous rare photographs and other unique images from the Special Collections and University Archives at Virginia Tech.
  • Vibrant Virginia: Engaging the Commonwealth to Expand Economic Vitality
    (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2022-02-03)
    Much has been written about Virginia’s urban-rural divide. Vibrant Virginia explores the many ways that communities and regions across Virginia are bridging that divide by working together to cultivate a strong, vibrant, and inclusive economy. Written by scholars and practitioners with deep knowledge of the issues affecting the Commonwealth today, the chapters explore urgent topics including expanding K–12 education reform, supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems, immigrant incorporation, and expanding broadband access. The authors also offer practical guidance for Virginia communities as they strive for a more resilient and prosperous future.
  • Virginia Tech, Land-Grant University, 1872–1997: History of a School, a State, a Nation
    Wallenstein, Peter (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-12)
    The first edition of this book was published in 1997, at the time of Virginia Tech’s 125th anniversary. Wallenstein, a professor of history at Virginia Tech, situates the story of Virginia Tech firmly in the context of both American history and Virginia’s checkered history of higher education. One reviewer wrote that the book “may well be the most un-parochial history of a college or university that has ever been written.” The new edition features a lengthy new preface as well as other changes in text and images throughout. The book will interest historians, educators, students, and just about anyone who wants to know more about the history of higher education in America.
  • Nasty Women: Transgressive Womanhood in American History
    (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-04-15)
    The saying goes that well-behaved women rarely make history. For centuries, American women have been carving out spaces of their own in a male-dominated world. From politics, to entertainment, to their personal lives, women have been making their mark on the American landscape since the nation’s inception, often ignored or overlooked by those creating the record. This collection takes the long view of the American woman and examines her transgressive behavior through the decades. Including stories of women enslaved, early celebrities, engineers, and more, these essays demonstrate how there is no such thing as an “average” woman, as even those ordinary women are found doing extraordinary things. This collection comes at a particularly poignant time, as August 2020 markedthe 100th anniversary of the ratification and adoption of the19th amendment, which – in a landmark for women’s right – granted American women the right to vote.
  • Maré from the Inside: Art, Culture and Politics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-04-15)
    Complexo da Maré is a group of 16 contiguous favelas and housing projects in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Home to an estimated 140,000 individuals, Maré is Brazil's largest agglomeration of favelas. Often depicted in a negative light, these favelas are in fact vibrant and diverse communities, as revealed in this remarkable book. Maré from the Inside: Art, Culture and Politics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a companion to the exhibition of the same name (Portuguese: Maré de Dentro), which was developed by an international team of Brazilian and US academics, activists and artists. The exhibition documents the lives of residents of Complexo da Maré through family portraits, street photographs, documentary films and written works. Featured in this book is a selection of the exhibition's photographs by Italian photojournalist Antonello Veneri, who worked closely with Maré resident and activist Henrique Gomes over the period from 2013 to 2019, during which Rio was home to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. These photographs, simultaneously personal and deeply humane, counter long-standing and powerful stigmatizing narratives, demonstrating instead the diversity and resilience of these communities and exposing the barriers residents confront in their everyday lives. Providing context to the photographs are essays by the exhibition's creators, curators and collaborators, including Maré resident and scholar Andreza Jorge, who asks what it is about the Maré de Dentro exhibition that has made it so compelling for so many people from very different parts of the world. The answer lies in the power of art to make us rethink prevailing social frames and, in turn, embrace fresh political and cultural strategies for integrating previously marginalized communities more fully into political and social life.
  • Conversations in Community Change: Voices from the Field
    (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-03-30)
    The Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance launched an experiment in 2011 called the Community Voices initiative. Community Voices was a student-led group devoted to bringing graduate students and faculty from diverse backgrounds into thoughtful dialogue with leaders who have devoted their professional lives to spurring or assisting with community change. This book is the product of those conversations. Conversations in Community Change features 12 interviews conducted by members of Community Voices, since renamed the Community Change Collaborative (CCC). The interviewees are leaders who have worked in many different contexts across the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors to instigate meaningful change (democratic social, political and economic) in their communities. The animating idea behind these interviews is that those in search of peaceful democratic social change, especially amidst ongoing economic and social dislocation, have much to learn from one another within the United States and internationally, and at all levels of governance. Among the topics and initiatives discussed in the book: - Efforts to secure civil and human rights for groups that have historically experienced discrimination, - How food system pioneers are seeking to make alternatives to the present corporate-dominated food production framework real for growers and consumers alike, - How the arts can open up new public and private spaces to permit reconsideration of otherwise dominant assumptions and thinking, - The social exigencies created by capitalism’s constant economic dislocation and roiling, Ultimately, readers will come away from the book with a fuller appreciation for the complexities of democratic change—and the need for modesty, patience, and perseverance among those who would seek to lead or encourage such efforts.
  • Community Policing in Nigeria: Rationale, Principles, and Practice
    Onyeozili, Emmanuel C.; Agozino, Onwubiko; Agu, Augustine; Ibe, Patrick (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-06-30)
  • Transformation: Toward a People’s Democracy - Essays and Speeches
    Pharr, Suzanne (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-09-13)
    Transformation: Toward a People’s Democracy is a movement book for anyone working for an expansive vision of social justice. Here Suzanne Pharr offers a clear and compelling vision for action amid social and political turmoil. Drawing on decades of work on the frontlines of social movements, Pharr’s writings create a real-time chronicle of on-the-ground organizing and the historical significance of struggles for freedom and democracy. Pharr, a Southern queer feminist and anti-racist organizer, explores the pitfalls and the strengths within social justice movements. Her writings reflect the interchange of ideas and the collective work of thinkers and organizers who led activists to lift up the liberation of gender and sexuality, to fight both domestic and state violence, to advance anti-racist strategies and the leadership of people of color, to work against the advancement of rapacious capitalism, and to confront the rise of the Right in all of its forms. Transformation examines not just what happened but how it happened in the battles against numerous forms of oppression including economic injustice, racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, and nationalism. Taken together, Pharr’s writings give activists and scholars a way to understand decades of attacks on civil rights while offering a roadmap that shows the way toward a people’s democracy where everyone has full participation, voice, a fair share of the benefits, justice, and dignity.
  • Maré de Dentro: Arte, Cultura e Política no Rio de Janeiro
    (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-09-27)
    O Complexo da Maré, localizado na Zona Norte do Rio de Janeiro e com cerca de 140 mil moradores, é o maior aglomerado de favelas do Brasil. Como este livro demonstra, as 16 comunidades que compõem a Maré são vibrantes e diversas, apesar de serem frequentemente representadas de maneira pejorativa. Maré de Dentro: Arte, Cultura e Política no Rio de Janeiro acompanha a exibição de mesmo nome, criada por um time internacional de acadêmicos, organizadores comunitários e artistas brasileiros e estadunidenses. Por meio de retratos de família, fotografias de rua, documentários e textos, a exibição documenta as vidas dos moradores da Maré. Este livro apresenta uma seleção das fotografias que fazem parte do acervo da exibição, tiradas pelo fotojornalista Antonello Veneri em colaboração com Henrique Gomes, produtor cultural, morador e organizador comunitário da Maré, entre 2013 e 2019, quando o Rio de Janeiro sediou a Copa do Mundo de 2014 e os Jogos Olímpicos de 2016. As fotografias, intimistas e profundamente humanas, evidenciam a diversidade e resiliência das comunidades da Maré e expõem os entraves que seus moradores confrontam no seu dia a dia, rompendo, deste modo, com as narrativas que os estigmatizam. Os ensaios incluídos neste volume, escritos pelos criadores, curadores e colaboradores deste projeto, contextualizam as fotografias. O texto de Andreza Jorge, moradora e pesquisadora da Maré, por exemplo, levanta uma pergunta fundamental: o que faz da Maré de Dentro uma exibição tão comovente para tantas pessoas de diferentes partes do mundo? Parte da resposta reside no poder da arte de nos fazer reconsiderar imaginários e estruturas dominantes e, com isso, abraçar estratégias políticas e culturais que promovam a construção de uma sociedade verdadeiramente igualitária e democrática.
  • Requiem for a Wanderer: Sherwood Anderson’s Last Days
    Taylor, Welford Dunaway (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-05-31)
    The following narrative sets forth the events surrounding the death of American author Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941), which occurred on March 8, 1941, in the Canal Zone. Although often cited in broad terms, Anderson’s bizarre demise has never been presented as a full- blown episode in a life and career characterized by the unconventional. Though possessing little formal education, Anderson had developed a prodigious native talent by means of voracious reading and unrelenting experimentation. Anderson published actively until his death and was well along on his memoirs when he died in 1941. His memoirs appeared posthumously in the following year.
  • Better by Design? Architecture, Urban Planning, and the Good City
    Knox, Paul L. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-10-09)
    The design professions—architecture, city planning, landscape architecture, and urban design—share a great deal in terms of intellectual antecedents, professional ideals, and praxis. In particular, they share a commitment to creating better cities—whether at the scale of buildings, neighborhoods, or city-regions. But who decides what constitutes a “good” city, and how should such an ideal be implemented? In Better by Design? Paul Knox explores the intellectual roots of the design professions, showing how architects, planners, and other designers have traditionally interpreted their roles and implemented their ideas in cities across North America and the UK. Drawing on his long record of research and award-winning publications on the social production of the built environment, Knox offers a critical appraisal of their ultimate effectiveness in achieving the goal of creating and sustaining good cities.
  • Adaptive Life-Long Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy
    Arnold, Amy; Lindsey, Andrew; McCoy, Andrew P.; Khademian, Anne M.; Lockee, Barbara B.; Adams, Carol; Amelink, Catherine T.; Blankenship, Chip; Glover, Christopher; Harris, Chrystal; Hoyle, Clayton; Potts, Colin; Pike, Dale; Whittaker, Dale; Kjellsson, Daniel; Hare, David; Tegarden, David P.; Tinapple, David; Ucko, David; Nahapetian, Eta; Hou, Feng; Holmes, Glen A.; Keyel, Jared; Garrett, Jeff; Joo, Jenna; McPhee, Joel; Boyer, John D.; Flato, John; Lister, Jonothan; Haldane, Joseph; Greenwood, Julie; Sanders, Karen Eley; Bruce, Karla; Lindsey, Kate; Carlson, Kimberly; Wingfeld, Kristin; Hamilton, Laura; McNair, Lisa D.; Kamlet, Mark; Semmel, Marsha; Holt, Matthew; Richey, Michael; Kumar, Mukul; Spivy, Nene; Cardwell, Owen; Holloway, Rachel L.; Swearer, Randy; Hall, Ralph P.; Clark-Stallkamp, Rebecca; Mazer, Robert; Smith, Robert; Reynolds, Roger; Bess, Diego Scott; Weimer, Scott; Sagheb, Shahabedin; Garmise, Sheri; Ashburn, Sherrell; Johnson, Sylvester; Cardone, Taran; Nicewonger, Todd; Martin, Tom; Quick, Tom; Rikakis, Thanassis; Skuzinski, Thomas; Contomanolis, Manny (Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation, 2020-08-24)
    This report addresses the globalized knowledge economy in the 21st century; not only as it exists today, but the knowledge economy needed to meet the demands of tomorrow. This report proposes that in order for our knowledge economy to grow and be sustainable, it must be inclusive in ways that enable it to adapt to—and incorporate within it—the personal and professional growth of a large and diverse body of lifelong learners. In this introduction, we first define what we mean by inclusive knowledge and explain how our proposed definition expands some of the traditional understandings. We then show that an expansive and dynamic conceptualization of knowledge increases inclusion and promotes lifelong adaptive learning as a mindset and a practice.
  • Survive the Drive: A Guide to Keeping Everyone on the Road Alive
    Dingus, Thomas A.; Buchanan-King, Mindy (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-06-15)
    Driving is risky business. Only cancer, heart attacks, and strokes cause more unintentional deaths among the general population. In this book, Tom Dingus, one of the foremost authorities on driving safety, tells you how to reduce your risk of accident while on the road. Dingus directs the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), which is home to the largest group of driving safety researchers in the world. In Survive the Drive he brings together decades of transportation safety research with personal anecdotes from his own time behind the wheel to create an entertaining guide that gives you all of the information you need to keep yourself and those around you safe on the road.
  • A Perfect Proxy? The United States-Syrian Democratic Forces Partnership
    Maguire, Dylan (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-05-20)
    The US blueprint for operations in Syria included a “by, with, and through” approach to working with local proxies to fight ISIS insurgents. The approach also formed the framework for the United States–Syrian Democratic Forces partnership. However, the US–SDF relationship was never stable and ultimately broke down. In this paper Dylan Maguire examines the inherent challenges in the US–SDF relationship, as well as potential improvements that could be made to the US proxy selection framework to ensure more effective and sustainable proxy relationships in the future.
  • The Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia
    Harrison, Anthony Kwame; Arthur, Craig E. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-01-09)
    Deejaying, emceeing, graffiti writing, and breakdancing. Together, these artistic expressions combined to form the foundation of one of the most significant cultural phenomena of the late 20th century — Hip-Hop. Rooted in African American culture and experience, the music, fashion, art, and attitude that is Hip-Hop crossed both racial boundaries and international borders. The Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia is a general reference work for students, scholars, and virtually anyone interested in Hip-Hop’s formative years. In thirty-six entries, it covers the key developments, practices, personalities, and products that mark the history of Hip-Hop from the 1970s through the early ‘90s. All entries are written by students at Virginia Tech who enthusiastically enrolled in a course on Hip-Hop taught by Dr. Anthony Kwame Harrison, author of Hip Hop Underground, and co-taught by Craig E. Arthur. Because they are students writing about issues and events that took place well before most of them were born, their entries capture the distinct character of young people reflecting back on how a music and culture that has profoundly shaped their lives came to be. Future editions are planned as more students take the class, making this a living, evolving work.