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  • Threaded: Angelo Filomeno
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2015-02-12)
    Threaded is a suite of three one-person exhibitions focusing on artists who work with thread and fabric as their medium.
  • Aspects of the Self
    Crutchfield, Margo; Hicklin, Meggin; Yohn, Brian (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2014-03-21)
    Aspects of the Self: Portraits of our Times explores concepts of the self and a range of related issues such as identity, gender, sexuality, race, memory, and technology.
  • Sam Krisch: Elements
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2014-12-04)
    Over the last five years, Krisch has journeyed to remote locations ranging from the Mojave Desert, Greenland, Antarctica, and Bhutan to capture exquisite images of ice formations, the raw force of turbulent waters, or empty expanses of desert landscapes. This exhibition presents a selection of the artist’s digital photographs created between 2010 and 2014 in which his approach to composition verges on the abstract, taking the work beyond documentation into a world of pristine, but daunting beauty.
  • Young Artists: Community High School. Narratives and Persuasion: Puppets, Prints, and Manifestos
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2014-12-04)
    This exhibition, featuring the work of students from Roanoke’s Community High School, presents a collection of two- and three- dimensional works that explore human connections through various media, including puppetry, painting, film, sculpture, and printmaking.
  • Odili Donald Odita: Bridge, 2014
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2014-10)
    A Grand Lobby wall painting displaying expansive scale, brilliant color, compositional complexity, and rhythmic energy.
  • OPEN (at the) SOURCE: Luminescent Forest and Cloud
    Knapp, Benjamin; Zacharias, Kari (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2015-04-23)
    Two interactive explorations of light created by four ICAT faculty fellows that transcend discipline boundaries to inspire new kinds of experiences. These ideas of communication and revealing are wonderful emergent properties created through the integral coupling of aesthetic and technological innovation at the nexus of science, engineering, art, and design.
  • Collegiate Legacy: Emeritus Faculty Exhibition
    (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2014)
    Exhibition of work by College of Architecture and Urban Studies faculty celebrating CAUS' 50th year.
  • Arboreal
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2019-24-01)
    Infused throughout much of the work in the exhibition is the prevalence of beauty—pristine, sometimes sublime, always powerful—and how trees can embody that while laden with underlying subtexts.
  • The Sun That Never Sets: New Paintings by Paul Ryan
    Crutchfield, Margo; Archer, Clover; Kistler, Ashley (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2015-07-09)
    Paintings of abstracted, traced, unfolded packaging cartons as a metaphor for consumption, accumulation, and mindless waste, as well stylized silhouettes of treetops, smokestacks, hands, and other iconic images add layers of subtle but significant socio- economic subtexts to the work.
  • Radcliffe Bailey
    Hicklin, Meggin (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2017-14-09)
    Using found objects, materials, and culturally charged imagery, Bailey layers memory over time to reawaken the past in the present and to illuminate commonalities within the human experience amid a sea of conflicting ideologies and contested histories.
  • Artists and Architecture: Projection/Convergence/Intersection
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2017-01-19)
    By incorporating architectural images and ideas in their work, the artists in this exhibition engage in collapsing real and fictive imagery, and in so doing, uncover a depth of ideas and perspectives about our world, both past and present.
  • Ray Kass
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2018-18-01)
    Landscape has always served as a point of departure for Kass; an aesthetic and philosophical inquiry into the essence of nature, and its key element—transformation—and into what ultimately is transient and unknowable.
  • Pia Fries
    (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2017)
    Pia Fries is internationally acclaimed as an undaunted and intrepid painter whose exuberant abstract paintings are characterized by audacious color, lush pigment, and a vigorous sense of movement.
  • DATAStream
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2016-04-02)
    A significant body of art by four artists whose work comes out of the digital landscape of the 21st century, works that respond to and feed off the digital world in which we live while exploring and incorporating digital technologies as a medium for creative expression.
  • Laurie Anderson: Invented Instruments
    Concannon, Kevin (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2018-29-04)
    Anderson’s great gift is indeed as a storyteller, but more specifically as a storyteller with an exceptional talent for making instruments and installations that demonstrate the limits and possibilities of language itself.
  • Amy Cutler
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2016-15-09)
    Amy Cutler’s drawings, prints, and gouache on paper paintings portray a wildly imaginative and enigmatic world in which groups of women, seemingly from an imaginary or bygon era, carry ridiculous loads, weave and braid interminable lengths of hair, and otherwise engage in traditional but essential “women’s work” in utterly preposterous situations.
  • Lynn Hershman Leeson
    Crutchfield, Margo (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2016-20-10)
    Hershman Leeson’s art confronts us with some of the most pressing issues of our times—how we will manage not just the opportunities but the terrifying possibilities that technological and scientific advances have, and will have, on humankind.
  • SoundScapes
    Vitello, Stephen (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2018-17-05)
    A selection of sound works featuring multi-channel compositions by five of today’s leading practitioners of sound art, experimental music, and field recording.
  • From These Woods: Rooted here, reaching beyond
    Attridge, Jeff; Johnson, Devon (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2017-08-06)
    Featuring highly skilled, handmade works from local and regional artists, From These Woods explores the dynamic relationship between humans, the natural world, and the creative impulse.
  • Charlie Brouwer: Known/Unknown
    Hicklin, Meggin (Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center, 2015-03-12)
    This installation is a materialization of Brouwer’s own spiritual journey, a quest for wisdom and “knowing” his God through the embracing unknowing.