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  • Black History Month
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2020-01-31)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives featuring items about the history of Black History Month and its observance at Virginia Tech.
  • The VT Therapy Dogs Legacy: Honoring Dr. Moose
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2022-08-30)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives celebrating the life of beloved therapy dog "Moose" who inspired and cared for the Virginia Tech community.
  • WUVT: 75 Years of Radio
    McArdle, Katherine; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2023-03-27)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives celebrating the 75th anniversary of Virginia Tech's student radio station.
  • VR Exhibit Usability: Virginia Tech Digital Library Virtual Exhibit
    Ng, Wen Nie (2021-11-10)
    The presentation highlights an innovative project that emerged during the pandemic to establish a combined physical and digital exhibit leveraging the digital collections of our partners. The project, spearheaded by Virginia Tech University Libraries, sought to foster partner collaboration and enhance the visibility of the art, science, and cultural heritage materials of Southwest Virginia. The exhibit displays six collections, contributed by both campus and regional partners, with a diverse range of over a hundred interactive digital objects, including photographs, journals, artwork, 3D geology minerals, and an array of 3D insect specimens. Beyond detailing the exhibit's background, central themes, software and tools employed, and design strategies, the presentation delves deeper into the design process. It explores the usability findings, the insights gained from the challenges faced, the solutions discovered, and the problems that remain unsolved, and it outlines future steps to enhance user experience. The presentation will feature a demo video that provides a sneak peek into the exhibit. The presentation emphasizes the user-centric design principles involved in constructing a virtual exhibit based on pre-existing digital collections and addresses the usability issues that arise during creation of a VR exhibit.
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: 150 years of agriculture and life sciences at Virginia Tech
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2022-08-02)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives about the history of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech.
  • Photography: Public Relations Medium for Modern Architecture
    Snelling, Jade (2023-01-09)
    An exhibition of materials from Special Collections and University Archives about the history of architectural photography. It features photographs and photographic ephemera from the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA).
  • Researching the Reynolds Family: How I Created My First Exhibit Ever
    Haney, Casey (2020-11-16)
    Blog created in 2020 by metadata assistant Casey Haney, sharing her experience researching and creating the Reynolds Homestead exhibit in the virtual exhibit on Artsteps at https://bit.ly/vt-vr The accessible version can be accessed on our temporary digital library at https://di.lib.vt.edu/exhibits/show/virtual-exhibit The attached WARC file can be played through https://replayweb.page/
  • A look back at athletics: From the earliest teams to the standout athletes of the modern day
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2021-10-01)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives about the history of athletics at Virginia Tech.
  • VPI Glee Club
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2021-08-01)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives focused on the VPI Glee Club.
  • Music in Blacksburg: Blacksburg Community Concert Association, Blacksburg Music Club, and Virginia Tech Union
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2021-08-01)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives focused on organization that historically held music events or invited musical acts to Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Flora Virginica
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2018-02-05)
    An exhibit in the Special Collections reading room from February 5, 2018 - March 16, 2018, coinciding with the Flora of Virginia exhibit at the Massey Herbarium. The display included an original Flora Virginica (1762) and a reproduction Flora Virginica (1946) made for the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard, both on loan from the Flora of Virginia Project. Flora Virginica was the most comprehensive compendium of Virginia plants at its time - and remained the most comprehensive one in existence for over 200 years. In 2013, the Flora of Virginia project published a new edition - in English (the original was in Latin). Also on display were two Mark Catesby prints from his “Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands” depicting some of the plants in the books. These were framed reprints from 1771 on loan from the Garden Club of Virginia. The prints on display were The Summer Red-Bird and The Western Plane Tree (Summer Tanager & American Sycamore) and The Red Start and The Black Walnut.
  • Apollo 14: 50th Anniversary of the third moon landing
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2021-01-08)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives featuring items related to the Apollo 14 lunar landing.
  • Votes for Women: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2020-10-19)
    An exhibit of materials from Special Collections and University Archives about the fight for women's suffrage in the United States and the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, including items from 1884 to 1974.
  • Course-based exhibitions: Serendipity in the physical and digital spaces of academic libraries
    Fralin, Scott; Rogers, Alice (2019-09-18)
    Library exhibition practices vary significantly between institutions, depending on expertise, resources, and goals of the individual library. The University Libraries at Virginia Tech have supported and developed two exhibition programs within the past six years, both with a focus on showcasing products and processes from classes around campus, rather than library materials and artifacts. While such work is unique, it can provide valuable experiences both for the contributors and creators of these exhibitions, as well as those who see and interact with them. In this article, we discuss the history and origins of these programs, the Course Exhibit Initiative and the Active Learning Curation Program, how they work, and the outcomes they strive to achieve. We discuss the workflows that we take to showcase the work of our contributors, and demonstrate how these programs share some outcomes with exhibit programs based in special collections, but have their own unique challenges and opportunities. Finally, we make the case that the output of these two exhibit programs provides a new experience of serendipity in libraries.
  • Master Gardener College Exhibit
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2018-06-20)
    Exhibits curated to support the Master Gardener Program in June 2018. A book display with materials related to the program's sessions was on display for a week in the main library. An exhibit of archival material was on display for approximately 3 months in Special Collections.
  • A Look Back at Protests
    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2017-02-01)
  • New Town: Across the Color Line
    Winling, LaDale C.; Bolt, Carmen; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-10-05)
    “Remembering New Town” is an exhibit project intended to describe and interpret one of Blacksburg’s African American neighborhoods. It will focus most heavily on the period 1900 to 1940. The exhibit is part of the VT Public History program’s ongoing engagement with local history and public audiences. In particular, VT PH makes efforts to excavate and bring to light the history of lost, forgotten, or marginalized groups and events. The New Town community was founded and grew along with VAMC/VPI through the better part of a century and eventually dissolved as Virginia Tech grew into the large university it is today. Virginia Tech led redevelopment of the area in the early 2000s and most of the traces of New Town are now lost to the history. The African American community was central to Montgomery County and Blacksburg history. Especially since New Town was so proximate to VT, this history will be of great interest to the VT community. Finally, this exhibit will emphasize the geography and spatial dynamics of New Town, which will lend itself to an engaging and experiential exhibit form. 2015/10/05 - 2015/11/20
  • Computational Thinking and Digital Sound Manipulation
    Kafura, Dennis G.; Lyon, Eric; Bart, Cory; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-08-19)
    Collection of videos and presentations student made to explore the ideas and methodology of computational thinking and practice the techniques for synthesizing, performing, and transforming sounds using freely available sound software. 2015/08/19 - 2015/09/25
  • We Are Going Places: Travel Poster Exhibition
    Zhang, Lei; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-01-20)
    This exhibition showcases students’ work from ART 2575, Introduction to Graphic Design II. The class focused on a refinement of the students’ design skills and a mastery of design technology in creating stylized computer graphics and illustrations for specific visual communication needs. Throughout the semester, students in the class learned advanced techniques and skills with Adobe Creative Cloud’s core programs and used them in combination with their design skills and knowledge in a variety of illustrative designs. Posters in the exhibition were collected from the second class project: designing an illustrative travel poster. For that project, each student first chose a favorite place for the travel poster, real or imaginary. Then, they went through a design process of researching graphic styles, sketching, detailing, computer digitizing and coloring, and final printing. In terms of design tools, students mainly used Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create these posters. 2015/01/20 - 2015/03/01
  • Lincoln in Our Time
    Quigley, Paul; Kutz, Kimberly; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-03-02)
    April 14, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in the last days of the Civil War. As the first presidential assassination in United States history, Lincoln’s death sent shockwaves across the globe. American soldiers, politicians, and civilians mourned for Lincoln and breathlessly awaited news of the capture of his assassin, actor John Wilkes Booth. After his death, Lincoln became a powerful symbol that generations of Americans mobilized in their struggles for freedom and equality. Displaying objects and documents drawn from Newman Library’s Special Collections, this exhibition focuses on the reaction to Lincoln’s assassination as well as Lincoln’s enduring legacy in American life. Featured items include letters, diaries, and newspapers reporting on the assassination and its aftermath, relics such as fabric from Lincoln’s coffin, and a book by Virginia Tech’s first president and noted Lincoln despiser, Charles L.C. Minor. The exhibition also includes videos produced by students in History 2984, “Abraham Lincoln: The Man, the Myth, the Legend.” This exhibition is part of a series of events commemorating Abraham Lincoln in Spring 2015 sponsored by the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies. On February 14, the VCCWS will screen Young Mr. Lincoln at the Lyric Theatre. On April 10-11, five internationally-renowned historians of Lincoln and the Civil War will discuss Lincoln in a symposium entitled “Lincoln in Our Time.” For more information, please visit www.civilwar.vt.edu. 2015/03/02 - 2015/04/15