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  • Black Technical and Professional Communication
    Mckoy, Temptaous; Johnson Sackey, Donnie; Wourman, Ja’La; Harper, Kimberly; Shelton, Cecilia; Jones, Natasha N.; Haywood, Constance (Virginia Tech, 2020-11-30)
    A coalition of Black scholars in technical and professional communication offer their perspectives on defining Black technical and professional communication; advocating for the inclusion of Black perspectives in the body of mainstream disciplinary scholarship and pedagogical practice; and carving out the methodological, theoretical, and practical space that will enable other Black scholars, teachers, and practitioners in the field to see and do such work. Speakers: Temptaous Mckoy, Donnie Johnson Sackey, Ja'La Wourman, Kimberly Harper, Cecilia Shelton, Natasha N. Jones, Constance Haywood. Organizer: Jennifer Sano-Franchini. Moderators: Sheila Carter-Tod, Chloe Robertson, Luana Shafer, Matt Homer. Sponsors: Professional and Technical Writing Program in the Department of English, Black Cultural Center, Center for Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Engineering Communications Program with the Materials Science and Engineering Diversity Committee, Composition Program, Writing Center, Center for Educational Networks and Impacts, Center for Communicating Science, Engineering Communications Center.