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  • Information Technology for Administrative Services: Strategic Plan 2014-2019
    (Virginia Tech, 2014)
    Information Technology for Administrative Services is a department still in the early stages of development, but supporting a wide variety of administrative and public safety departments of Virginia Tech. This plan serves as a guiding document for the next phase of development. Input was obtained from a wide variety of stakeholders, including supported departments, employees of the department, and senior management. Based on this research, this plan was developed to guide the development and implementation of technology within the Vice President for Administration’s division, provide the highest possible levels of service, and ensure the technology is driven by the business needs of the departments.
  • Collection and Remittance of Local Meals and Lodging Taxes by Virginia Tech
    Wilson, Sherwood; Virginia Tech. Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2012-02-09)
    This report provides an overview of state and local meal and lodging taxes and a high-level summary of Virginia Tech's dining program. The report also discusses meals and lodging revenue and taxes for Fiscal Year 2008-09, Hokie Passport deposits as well as dinging programs at other public higher education institutions in Virginia. Next, the university's relationship with the town of Blacksburg, Virginia is presented highlighting the multitude of ways the two entities work together and interact in support of the overall community. The opinion of the State Attorney General on remittance of taxes by state entities, as well as the opinion of University Legal Counsel is stated. Finally, political considerations are examined, and the report concludes with a response to the Town's request for financial assistance.