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Virginia Tech Publishing started in 2017 and is a member of the Library Publishing Coalition. In addition to the collections below, Virginia Tech Publishing also produced most of the items in the Open Textbooks collection.

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  • No Ordinary Moment: Virginia Tech, 150 Years in 150 Images 

    Purcell, Aaron D.; Rozema, L. M.; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony; Jackson, John M. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2022-08)
    Virginia Tech celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2022. What started as a fledgling school established in Southwest Virginia to promote agricultural, mechanical, and military education grew into a comprehensive research ...
  • Vibrant Virginia: Engaging the Commonwealth to Expand Economic Vitality 

    Cowell, Margaret; Lyon-Hill, Sarah (Virginia Tech Publishing; Virginia Tech Center for Economic and Community Engagement, 2022-02-03)
    Much has been written about Virginia’s urban-rural divide. Vibrant Virginia explores the many ways that communities and regions across Virginia are bridging that divide by working together to cultivate a strong, vibrant, ...
  • Virginia Tech, Land-Grant University, 1872–1997: History of a School, a State, a Nation 

    Wallenstein, Peter (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-12)
    The first edition of this book was published in 1997, at the time of Virginia Tech’s 125th anniversary. Wallenstein, a professor of history at Virginia Tech, situates the story of Virginia Tech firmly in the context of ...
  • Transformation: Toward a People’s Democracy - Essays and Speeches 

    Pharr, Suzanne (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-09-13)
    Transformation: Toward a People’s Democracy is a movement book for anyone working for an expansive vision of social justice. Here Suzanne Pharr offers a clear and compelling vision for action amid social and political ...
  • Community Policing in Nigeria: Rationale, Principles, and Practice 

    Onyeozili, Emmanuel C.; Agozino, Onwubiko; Agu, Augustine; Ibe, Patrick (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-06-30)
  • Nasty Women: Transgressive Womanhood in American History 

    Mollin, Marian B.; Virginia Tech. Department of History (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-04-15)
    The saying goes that well-behaved women rarely make history. For centuries, American women have been carving out spaces of their own in a male-dominated world. From politics, to entertainment, to their personal lives, women ...
  • Conversations in Community Change: Voices from the Field 

    Stephenson, Max O. Jr.; Grimes, Cathy (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-03-30)
    The Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance launched an experiment in 2011 called the Community Voices initiative. Community Voices was a student-led group devoted to bringing graduate students and faculty from ...
  • Maré de Dentro: Arte, Cultura e Política no Rio de Janeiro 

    Barnes, Nicholas; Poets, Desirée; Stephenson, Max O. Jr.; Institute for Policy and Governance (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-09-27)
    O Complexo da Maré, localizado na Zona Norte do Rio de Janeiro e com cerca de 140 mil moradores, é o maior aglomerado de favelas do Brasil. Como este livro demonstra, as 16 comunidades que compõem a Maré são vibrantes e ...
  • Maré from the Inside: Art, Culture and Politics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

    Barnes, Nicholas; Poets, Desirée; Stephenson, Max O. Jr.; Institute for Policy and Governance (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2021-04-15)
    Complexo da Maré is a group of 16 contiguous favelas and housing projects in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Home to an estimated 140,000 individuals, Maré is Brazil's largest agglomeration of favelas. Often depicted ...
  • Requiem for a Wanderer: Sherwood Anderson’s Last Days 

    Taylor, Welford Dunaway (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-05-31)
    The following narrative sets forth the events surrounding the death of American author Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941), which occurred on March 8, 1941, in the Canal Zone. Although often cited in broad terms, Anderson’s ...
  • Better by Design? Architecture, Urban Planning, and the Good City 

    Knox, Paul L. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-10-09)
    The design professions—architecture, city planning, landscape architecture, and urban design—share a great deal in terms of intellectual antecedents, professional ideals, and praxis. In particular, they share a commitment ...
  • Two organic carbon application rates to control inorganic nitrogen in minimal water exchange, biofloc, shallow water, shrimp nursery systems 

    Crockett, Jack; Lawrence, Addison (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2017-09-01)
    The objectives of this study were to develop and test a quantitative method for reactive carbon application to control inorganic nitrogen, and to compare the effect of carbon application using 40% and 60% microbial conversion ...
  • Adaptive Life-Long Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy 

    Arnold, Amy; Lindsey, Andrew; McCoy, Andrew P.; Khademian, Anne M.; Lockee, Barbara B.; Adams, Carol; Amelink, Catherine T.; Blankenship, Chip; Glover, Christopher; Harris, Chrystal; Hoyle, Clayton; Potts, Colin; Pike, Dale; Whittaker, Dale; Kjellsson, Daniel; Hare, David; Tegarden, David P.; Tinapple, David; Ucko, David; Nahapetian, Eta; Hou, Feng; Holmes, Glen A.; Keyel, Jared; Garrett, Jeff; Joo, Jenna; McPhee, Joel; Boyer, John D.; Flato, John; Lister, Jonothan; Haldane, Joseph; Greenwood, Julie; Sanders, Karen Eley; Bruce, Karla; Lindsey, Kate; Carlson, Kimberly; Wingfeld, Kristin; Hamilton, Laura; McNair, Lisa D.; Kamlet, Mark; Semmel, Marsha; Holt, Matthew; Richey, Michael; Kumar, Mukul; Spivy, Nene; Cardwell, Owen; Holloway, Rachel L.; Swearer, Randy; Hall, Ralph P.; Clark-Stallkamp, Rebecca; Mazer, Robert; Smith, Robert; Reynolds, Roger; Bess, Diego Scott; Weimer, Scott; Sagheb, Shahabedin; Garmise, Sheri; Ashburn, Sherrell; Johnson, Sylvester; Cardone, Taran; Nicewonger, Todd; Martin, Tom; Quick, Tom; Rikakis, Thanassis; Skuzinski, Thomas; Contomanolis, Manny (Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation; Virginia Tech Publishing; International Academic Forum; Future Talent Council, 2020-08-24)
    This report addresses the globalized knowledge economy in the 21st century; not only as it exists today, but the knowledge economy needed to meet the demands of tomorrow. This report proposes that in order for our knowledge ...
  • Survive the Drive: A Guide to Keeping Everyone on the Road Alive 

    Dingus, Thomas A.; Buchanan-King, Mindy (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-06-15)
    Driving is risky business. Only cancer, heart attacks, and strokes cause more unintentional deaths among the general population. In this book, Tom Dingus, one of the foremost authorities on driving safety, tells you how ...
  • A Perfect Proxy? The United States-Syrian Democratic Forces Partnership 

    Maguire, Dylan (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-05-20)
    The US blueprint for operations in Syria included a “by, with, and through” approach to working with local proxies to fight ISIS insurgents. The approach also formed the framework for the United States–Syrian Democratic ...
  • The Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia 

    Harrison, Anthony Kwame; Arthur, Craig E. (Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-01-09)
    Deejaying, emceeing, graffiti writing, and breakdancing. Together, these artistic expressions combined to form the foundation of one of the most significant cultural phenomena of the late 20th century — Hip-Hop. Rooted in ...
  • Exploring the Architecture of Place in America's Farmers Markets 

    Albright, Kathryn Clarke (University of Cincinnati Press, 2020-04)
    Exploring the Architecture of Place in America's Farmers Markets draws attention to the simple but elusive architectural space of public and farmers markets. It discusses three seminal types of markets—heritage building, ...
  • Politics, Power, & Playboy: The American Mindset of the 1960s 

    Mollin, Marian B. (Virginia Tech Department of History in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-09-23)
    The 1960s was a time of reform and revolution in America, brought on by individuals willing to challenge political, social, and cultural norms. Politics, Power, & Playboy explores the American mindset during this turbulent ...
  • Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges 

    Baldwin, Andrea N.; Reichelmann, Ashley V.; Harrison, Anthony Kwame (Virginia Tech Department of Sociology in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-12-19)
    Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges contains essays that explore Black feminist thought through a diverse set of lenses. The essays are divided among sections on localized framing and stereotypes, global perspectives, ...
  • Proxy War Dynamics in Libya 

    Harchaoui, Jalel; Lazib, Mohamed-Essaïd (Virginia Tech. School of Public and International Affairs; Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-07-23)

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