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  • Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Reactivity of Pd(II) Complexes of Proline and Proline Homologs 

    Hobart, David B.; Merola, Joseph S.; Rogers, Hannah M.; Saghal, Sonia; Mitchell, James; Florio, Jacqueline; Merola, Jeffrey W. (MDPI, 2019-06-10)
    Palladium(II) acetate reacts with proline and proline homologs in acetone/water to yield square planar bis-chelated palladium amino acid complexes. These compounds are all catalytically active with respect to oxidative ...
  • Multi-photon patterning of photoactive o-nitrobenzyl ligands bound to gold surfaces 

    Magill, Brenden A.; Guo, Xi; Peck, Cheryl L.; Reyes, Roberto L.; See, Erich M.; Santos, Webster L.; Robinson, Hans D. (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2019-01-01)
    We quantitatively investigate lithographic patterning of a thiol-anchored self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of photocleavable o-nitrobenzyl ligands on gold through a multi-photon absorption process at 1.7 eV (730 nm wavelength). ...
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a platform for assessing sphingolipid lipid kinase inhibitors 

    Kharel, Yugesh; Agah, Sayeh; Huang, Tao; Mendelson, Anna J.; Eletu, Oluwafunmilayo T.; Barkey-Bircannl, Peter; Gesualdil, James; Smith, Jeffrey S.; Santos, Webster L.; Lynch, Kevin R. (PLOS, 2018-04-19)
    Successful medicinal chemistry campaigns to discover and optimize sphingosine kinase inhibitors require a robust assay for screening chemical libraries and for determining rank order potencies. Existing assays for these ...
  • Fabrication of Nanostructured Kaolinite Doped Composite Films from Silicone Rubber with Enhanced Properties 

    Zakaria, Abdullah Muhammad; Dey, Shaikat Chandra; Rahman, Muhammad Mominur; Sarker, Mithun; Ashaduzzaman, Md.; Shamsuddin, Sayed Md. (MDPI, 2019-05-12)
    Naturally occurring nanomaterials are finding growing interests in tailoring properties of engineering polymers for advanced applications. The objective of this study was to develop environment-friendly nanocomposite films ...
  • Ultrahigh Durability Perovskite Solar Cells 

    Wu, Congcong; Wang, Kai; Feng, Xu; Jiang, Yuanyuan; Yang, Dong; Hou, Yuchen; Yan, Yongke; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Priya, Shashank (American Chemical Society, 2019-01-29)
    Unprecedented conversion efficiency has been demonstrated for perovskite solar cells (PSCs), however, their stability and reliability continue to be challenge. Here, an effective and practical method is demonstrated to ...
  • Mosquito Acetylcholinesterase as a Target for Novel Phenyl-Substituted Carbamates 

    Mutunga, James M.; Ma, Ming; Chen, Qiao-Hong; Hartsel, Joshua A.; Wong, Dawn M.; Ding, Sha; Totrov, Max; Carlier, Paul R.; Bloomquist, Jeffrey R. (MDPI, 2019-04-28)
    New insecticides are needed for control of disease-vectoring mosquitoes and this research evaluates the activity of new carbamate acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors. Biochemical and toxicological characterization of ...
  • Double helical conformation and extreme rigidity in a rodlike polyelectrolyte 

    Wang, Y.; He, Y.; Yu, Z.; Gao, J.; ten, Brinck S.; Slebodnick, C.; Fahs, G.B.; Zanelotti, C.J.; Hegde, M.; Moore, R.B.; Ensing, B.; Dingemans, T.J.; Qiao, R.; Madsen, L.A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-02-18)
    The ubiquitous biomacromolecule DNA has an axial rigidity persistence length of ~50 nm, driven by its elegant double helical structure. While double and multiple helix structures appear widely in nature, only rarely are ...
  • Block copolymer derived uniform mesopores enable ultrafast electron and ion transport at highmass loadings 

    Liu, Tianyu; Zhou, Zhenping; Guo, Yichen; Guo, Dong; Liu, Guoliang (Nature Research, 2019)
    High mass loading and fast charge transport are two crucial but often mutually exclusive characteristics of pseudocapacitors. On conventional carbon supports, high mass loadings inevitably lead to sluggish electron conduction ...
  • Crystal structure of the tetra-meth-yl(pheneth-yl)cyclo-penta-dienylmolybdenumtricarbonyl dimer. 

    Brown, Loren; Marron, Danny; Smith, Casey; Merola, Joseph (International Union of Crystallography, 2018-07)
    The structure of the dimer bis-{tricarbon-yl[η5-tetra-meth-yl(pheneth-yl)cyclo-penta-dien-yl]molybdenum}(Mo-Mo), [Mo2(C17H21)2(CO)6], at 102 K has triclinic (P ) symmetry. The reaction between tetra-meth-yl(pheneth-yl)cy ...
  • A spongy nickel-organic CO2 reduction photocatalyst for nearly 100% selective CO production 

    Niu, Kaiyang; Xu, You; Wang, Haicheng; Ye, Rong; Xin, Huolin L.; Lin, Feng; Tian, Chixia; Lum, Yanwei; Bustillo, Karen C.; Doeff, Marca M.; Koper, Marc T. M.; Ager, Joel; Xu, Rong; Zheng, Haimei (AAAS, 2017-07-28)
    Solar-driven photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels has attracted a lot of interest; however, developing active catalysts that can selectively convert CO2 to fuels with desirable reaction products remains a grand ...
  • Block copolymer–based porous carbon fibers 

    Zhou, Zhengping; Liu, Tianyu; Khan, Assad U.; Liu, Guoliang (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019-02-01)
    Carbon fibers have high surface areas and rich functionalities for interacting with ions, molecules, and particles. However, the control over their porosity remains challenging. Conventional syntheses rely on blending ...
  • Elements, Fall 2018 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2018)
    This is the alumni magazine of the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech.
  • Elements, Spring 2018 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2018)
    This is the alumni magazine of the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech.
  • Atomic-Level Structural Dynamics of Polyoxoniobates during DMMP Decomposition 

    Wang, Qi; Chapleski, Robert C., Jr.; Plonka, Anna M.; Gordon, Wesley O.; Guo, Weiwei; Thuy-Duong Nguyen-Phan; Sharp, Conor H.; Marinkovic, Nebojsa S.; Senanayake, Sanjaya D.; Morris, John R.; Hill, Craig L.; Troya, Diego; Frenkel, Anatoly I. (Springer Nature, 2017-04-10)
    Ambient pressure in situ synchrotron-based spectroscopic techniques have been correlated to illuminate atomic-level details of bond breaking and formation during the hydrolysis of a chemical warfare nerve agent simulant ...
  • High-performance inertial impaction filters for particulate matter removal 

    Zhang, Xiaowei; Zhang, Wei; Yi, Mingqiang; Wang, Yingjie; Wang, Pengjun; Xu, Jun; Niu, Fenglei; Lin, Feng (Springer Nature, 2018-03-19)
    Airborne particulate matter (PM) is causing more and more serious air pollution and threatening the public health. However, existing air filter technologies with the easy-to-block manner can rarely meet the requirements ...
  • Select Small Core Structure Carbamates Exhibit High Contact Toxicity to "Carbamate-Resistant" Strain Malaria Mosquitoes, Anopheles gambiae (Akron) 

    Wong, Dawn M.; Li, Jianyong; Chen, Qiao-Hong; Han, Qian; Mutunga, James M.; Wysinski, Ania; Anderson, Troy D.; Ding, Haizhen; Carpenetti, Tiffany L.; Verma, Astha; Islam, Rafique; Paulson, Sally L.; Lam, Polo Chun Hung; Totrov, Maxim; Bloomquist, Jeffrey R.; Carlier, Paul R. (PLOS, 2012-10-01)
    Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is a proven target for control of the malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae). Unfortunately, a single amino acid mutation (G119S) in An. gambiae AChE-1 (AgAChE) confers resistance to the AChE ...
  • Transport and Metabolism Behavior of Brazilein during Its Entrance into Neural Cells 

    Zhao, Shuang; Wang, Xin-Pei; Jiang, Jing-Fei; Chai, Yu-Shuang; Tian, Yu; Feng, Tian-Shi; Ding, Yi; Huang, Jing; Lei, Fan; Xing, Dong-Ming; Du, Li-Jun (PLOS, 2014-10-02)
    Brazilein, a natural small molecule, shows a variety of pharmacological activities, especially on nervous system and immune system. As a potential multifunctional drug, we studied the distribution and the transport behavior ...
  • Boosting the Power-Generation Performance of Micro-Sized Al-H2O2 Fuel Cells by Using Silver Nanowires as the Cathode 

    Zhang, Heng; Yang, Yang; Liu, Tianyu; Chang, Honglong (MDPI, 2018-09-03)
    Micro-sized fuel cells represent one of the pollution-free devices available to power portable electronics. However, the insufficient power output limits the possibility of micro-sized fuel cells competing with other power ...
  • Propagation topography of redox phase transformations in heterogeneous layered oxide cathode materials 

    Mu, Linqin; Yuan, Qingxi; Tian, Chixia; Wei, Chinxi; Zhang, Kai; Liu, Jin; Pianetta, Piero; Doeff, Marca M.; Liu, Yijin; Lin, Feng (Springer Nature, 2018-07-18)
    Redox phase transformations are relevant to a number of metrics pertaining to the electrochemical performance of batteries. These phase transformations deviate from and are more complicated than the conventional theory of ...
  • Stereochemical Control in the Still-Wittig Rearrangement Synthesis of Cyclohexyl (Z)-Alkene Inhibitors of Pin1 

    Chen, Xingguo R.; Fan, Shuang A.; Ware, Rachel I.; Etzkorn, Felicia A. (PLOS, 2015-10-07)
    Three stereoisomeric inhibitors of Pin1: (2R,5S)-, (2S,5R)- and (2S,5S)-Ac–pSer–Ψ[(Z)CH = C]–pipecolyl(Pip)–2-(2-naphthyl)ethylamine 1, that mimic L-pSer–D-Pro, D-pSer–L-Pro, and D-pSer–D-Pro amides respectively, were ...

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