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  • Virtual replicas of real places: Experimental investigations 

    Skarbez, Richard; Bowman, Doug A.; Ogle, J. Todd; Tucker, Thomas; Gabbard, Joseph L. (2021-07-13)
    The emergence of social virtual reality (VR) experiences, such as Facebook Spaces, Oculus Rooms, and Oculus Venues, will generate increased interest from users who want to share real places (both personal and public) with ...
  • The Mainstream Media and the “Shocking Bad Art” from Cyprus: 1870s New York Reacts to the Cesnola Collections 

    Knoblauch, Ann-Marie (2019)
    When the Metropolitan Museum of Art first opened the doors of its Fifth Avenue building on March 30, 1880, the majority of the exhibition space was occupied by Cypriot art purchased by the Met’s trustees from Luigi Palma ...
  • In Conversation: Teaching with Primary Sources 

    Ronan, Anne (University of Chicago Press, 2022)
  • A Message of Hope 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne; Pederson, Martin (2021)
  • Women’s Rights Are Human Rights 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne
  • FL3TCH3R Exhibit 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne (2020)
  • Ongoing Matter: Design, Democracy, and the Mueller Report 

    Berry, Anne; Edmands Martin, Sarah; Dee, Meaghan Anne (2021)
  • Pangea Playback Theatre's "What Now?" 

    Fox, Hannah (Virginia Tech, 2021-06-11)
    On June 11, 2021, Pangea Playback Theatre gave a performance on the theme of “What Now?” for a public audience of friends and family. This was the group’s second public performance after a year’s worth of numerous private ...
  • The Ume Group's "Voices in the Stone" 

    Rosin, Jordan; Luna, Jorge; Yokko; Sheridan, Keelie; Sindicich, Karina; Rosin, Kaitlyn Samuel; Douglas, Kate (Virginia Tech, 2021-05-06)
    On May 6, 2021, The Ume Group Playback Ensemble, a branch of the New York City-based physical theatre company, The Ume Group (, gave a commissioned performance for alumni of Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal ...
  • The Ume Group's "Identity" 

    Luna, Jorge; Yokko; Rosin, Jordan; Sheridan, Keelie; Sindicich, Karina; Rosin, Kaitlyn Samuel (Virginia Tech, 2021-04-11)
    On April 11, 2021, The Ume Group Playback Ensemble, a branch of the New York City-based physical theatre company, The Ume Group (, gave a public performance on the theme of “Identity.” This was only ...
  • World Playback Theatre's "New Beginnings" 

    Vogel, Heidi Winters; Paranthaman, Para (Virginia Tech, 2021-01-17)
    On January 17, 2021, World Playback Theatre (, an international online troupe emerging from the 2019 Leadership certification program of the Playback Centre, gave a public performance on ...
  • Search for Delicious, Solo Screening at Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

    Drum, Meredith (2020)
    Microscope Gallery is highly respected in the art and cinema world. Their exhibitions are often reviewed and selected as "critic's picks" in Art Forum and the New York Times. The gallery has collaborated with the Whitney ...
  • Development of a Responsible Policy Index to Improve Statutory and Self-Regulatory Policies that Protect Children’s Diet and Health in the America’s Region 

    Rincón-Gallardo Patiño, Sofía; Rajamohan, Srijith; Meaney, Kathleen; Coupey, Eloise; Serrano, Elena L.; Hedrick, Valisa E.; da Silva Gomes, Fabio; Polys, Nicholas F.; Kraak, Vivica (MDPI, 2020-01-13)
    In 2010, 193 Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.14 to restrict the marketing of food and beverage products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) to children ...
  • Current Seen: Best Foot Forward 

    Drum, Meredith; Rachel, Stevens (2019)
  • Conditions of Exchange 

    Drum, Meredith (2019)
    Group exhibition curated by Abigail Simon and Esther Boesche
  • Video Art and Indigenous Collaborations 

    Weaver, Rachel L. (Department Of Visual Design, Universidad De Caldas, And Isea International, 2017-06-13)
    A presentation of collaborations with indigenous groups harnessing moving image media in non-commercial capacities and for creative revelation of struggle. Weaver has worked as a facilitator of creative decolonizing workshops ...
  • re[visualizing] sound 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne (2016-08-27)
    In the words of Robert Bringhurst: “writing is the solid form of language.” In addition to capturing the human language, designers and typographers also face the challenge of documenting other sounds, such as music and the ...
  • Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Emergency Response Robot 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne; Blanchard, Samuel Paul (2016-09-23)
    ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts & Technology) Playdate, Blacksburg, VA. Co-presented the research on the “Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Emergency Response Robot,” in the Center for the Arts at Virginia ...
  • Fostering Creativity in an Educational Environment 

    Dee, Meaghan Anne (2016-05-31)
    Many believe creativity is something you’re born with, rather than a skill you can learn. But, being a professor of graphic design, I believe teachers can and should foster creative thinking, regardless of the subject ...

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