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  • Environmental and anthropogenic influences on spatiotemporal dynamics of Alosa in Chesapeake Bay tributaries 

    Bi, Rujia; Jiao, Yan; Weaver, L. Alan; Greenlee, Bob; McClair, Genine; Kipp, Jeff; Wilke, Kate; Haas, Carola; Smith, Eric (2021-06)
    American Shad (Alosa sapidissima), Hickory Shad (A. mediocris), and river herrings (Alewife A. pseudoharengus and Blueback Herring A. aestivalis) are anadromous pelagic fishes, which as adults spend most of the annual cycle ...
  • Role of DNA methylation on the association between physical activity and cardiovascular diseases: results from the longitudinal multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA) cohort 

    Shi, Hangchuan; Ossip, Deborah J.; Mayo, Nicole L.; Lopez, Daniel A.; Block, Robert C.; Post, Wendy S.; Bertoni, Alain G.; Ding, Jingzhong; Chen, Si; Yan, Chen; Xie, Zidian; Hoeschele, Ina; Liu, Yongmei; Li, Dongmei (2021-11-03)
    Background The complexity of physical activity (PA) and DNA methylation interaction in the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is rarely simultaneously investigated in one study. We examined the ...
  • Platelet indices parameters in the new disease activity score of rheumatoid arthritis with ankle involvement: A comparative analytic study 

    Khaled, Safaa A. A.; Mahmoud, Hamdy F. F. (PLoS, 2021-09-01)
    Background: Platelet indices (PIs) are platelet parameters that are correlated with platelet activity. Despite being widely available, inexpensive, and feasible; their use in clinical settings is limited. Recently, we ...
  • Thermal biology of mosquito-borne disease 

    Mordecai, Erin A.; Caldwell, Jamie M.; Grossman, Marissa K.; Lippi, Catherine A.; Johnson, Leah R.; Neira, Marco; Rohr, Jason R.; Ryan, Sadie J.; Savage, Van; Shocket, Marta S.; Sippy, Rachel; Ibarra, Anna M. Stewart; Thomas, Matthew B.; Villena, Oswaldo (Wiley, 2019-07-08)
    Mosquito-borne diseases cause a major burden of disease worldwide. The vital rates of these ectothermic vectors and parasites respond strongly and nonlinearly to temperature and therefore to climate change. Here, we review ...
  • An open challenge to advance probabilistic forecasting for dengue epidemics 

    Johansson, Michael A.; Apfeldorf, Karyn M.; Dobson, Scott; Devita, Jason; Buczak, Anna L.; Baugher, Benjamin; Moniz, Linda J.; Bagley, Thomas; Babin, Steven M.; Guven, Erhan; Yamana, Teresa K.; Shaman, Jeffrey; Moschou, Terry; Lothian, Nick; Lane, Aaron; Osborne, Grant; Jiang, Gao; Brooks, Logan C.; Farrow, David C.; Hyun, Sangwon; Tibshirani, Ryan J.; Rosenfeld, Roni; Lessler, Justin; Reich, Nicholas G.; Cummings, Derek AT T.; Lauer, Stephen A.; Moore, Sean M.; Clapham, Hannah E.; Lowe, Rachel; Bailey, Trevor C.; Garcia-Diez, Markel; Carvalho, Marilia Sa; Rodo, Xavier; Sardar, Tridip; Paul, Richard; Ray, Evan L.; Sakrejda, Krzysztof; Brown, Alexandria C.; Meng, Xi; Osoba, Osonde; Vardavas, Raffaele; Manheim, David; Moore, Melinda; Rao, Dhananjai M.; Porco, Travis C.; Ackley, Sarah; Liu, Fengchen; Worden, Lee; Convertino, Matteo; Liu, Yang; Reddy, Abraham; Ortiz, Eloy; Rivero, Jorge; Brito, Humberto; Juarrero, Alicia; Johnson, Leah R.; Gramacy, Robert B.; Cohen, JeremyM; Mordecai, Erina; Murdock, Courtney C.; Rohr, Jason R.; Ryan, Sadie J.; Stewart-Ibarra, Anna M.; Weikel, Daniel P.; Jutla, Antarpreet; Khan, Rakibul; Poultney, Marissa; Colwell, Rita R.; Rivera-Garcia, Brenda; Barker, Christopher M.; Bell, Jesse E.; Biggerstaff, Matthew; Swerdlow, David; Mier-y-Teran-Romero, Luis; Forshey, Brett M.; Trtanj, Juli; Asher, Jason; Clay, Matt; Margolis, Harold S.; Hebbeler, Andrew M.; George, Dylan; Chretien, Jean-Paul (National Academy of Sciences, 2019-11-26)
    A wide range of research has promised new tools for forecasting infectious disease dynamics, but little of that research is currently being applied in practice, because tools do not address key public health needs, do not ...
  • Data analysis and modeling pipelines for controlled networked social science experiments 

    Cedeno-Mieles, Vanessa; Hu, Zhihao; Ren, Yihui; Deng, Xinwei; Contractor, Noshir; Ekanayake, Saliya; Epstein, Joshua M.; Goode, Brian J.; Korkmaz, Gizem; Kuhlman, Chris J.; Machi, Dustin; Macy, Michael; Marathe, Madhav V.; Ramakrishnan, Naren; Saraf, Parang; Self, Nathan (PLOS, 2020-11-24)
    There is large interest in networked social science experiments for understanding human behavior at-scale. Significant effort is required to perform data analytics on experimental outputs and for computational modeling of ...
  • Development of a Concussion Risk Function for a Youth Population Using Head Linear and Rotational Acceleration 

    Campolettano, Eamon T.; Gellner, Ryan A.; Smith, Eric P.; Bellamkonda, Srinidhi; Tierney, Casey T.; Crisco, Joseph J.; Jones, Derek A.; Kelley, Mireille E.; Urban, Jillian E.; Stitzel, Joel D.; Genemaras, Amaris; Beckwith, Jonathan G.; Greenwald, Richard M.; Maerlender, Arthur C.; Brolinson, Per Gunnar; Duma, Stefan M.; Rowson, Steven (Springer, 2019-10-28)
    Physical differences between youth and adults, which include incomplete myelination, limited neck muscle development, and a higher head-body ratio in the youth population, likely contribute towards the increased susceptibility ...
  • Prediction of condition-specific regulatory genes using machine learning 

    Song, Qi; Lee, Jiyoung; Akter, Shamima; Rogers, Matthew; Grene, Ruth; Li, Song (Oxford University Press, 2020-06-19)
    Recent advances in genomic technologies have generated data on large-scale protein–DNA interactions and open chromatin regions for many eukaryotic species. How to identify condition-specific functions of transcription ...
  • The phenotype of recovery IV: Delay discounting predicts perceived stress and a chance locus of control in individuals in recovery from substance use disorders 

    Tomlinson, Devin C.; Tegge, Allison N.; Athamneh, Liqa N.; Bickel, Warren K. (Elsevier, 2020-12-01)
    Objective: Understanding individuals who are successful in recovery from substance use disorders will help to inform treatments and preventative measures. Stress has been shown to be associated with both substance use and ...
  • Maternal proximity to Central Appalachia surface mining and birth outcomes 

    Buttling, Lauren G.; McKnight, Molly X.; Kolivras, Korine N.; Ranganathan, Shyam; Gohlke, Julia M. (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2021-02)
    Maternal residency in Central Appalachia counties with coal production has been previously associated with increased rates of low birth weight (LBW). To refine the relationship between surface mining and birth outcomes, ...
  • What factors determine the technical performance of community-managed rural water systems in the middle hills of Nepal? 

    Raj, K. G. C.; Ranganathan, Shyam; Hammett, A. L. (Tom); Hall, Ralph P. (2021-03)
    Gravity-fed water systems are widely used in the rural hills of Nepal. This study identifies the systematic factors that contribute to rural households not obtaining water due to system breakdowns. The study makes use of ...
  • Predicting temperature-dependent transmission suitability of bluetongue virus in livestock 

    El Moustaid, Fadoua; Thornton, Zorian; Slamani, Hani; Ryan, Sadie J.; Johnson, Leah R. (2021-07-30)
    The transmission of vector-borne diseases is governed by complex factors including pathogen characteristics, vector–host interactions, and environmental conditions. Temperature is a major driver for many vector-borne ...
  • Monitoring proportions with two components of common cause variation 

    Goedhart, Rob; Woodall, William H. (2021-04-14)
    We propose a method for monitoring proportions when the in-control proportion and the sample sizes vary over time. Our approach is able to overcome some of the performance issues of other commonly used methods, as we ...
  • Decision-adjusted driver risk predictive models using kinematics information 

    Mao, Huiying; Guo, Feng; Deng, Xinwei; Doerzaph, Zachary R. (2021-06)
    Accurate prediction of driving risk is challenging due to the rarity of crashes and individual driver heterogeneity. One promising direction of tackling this challenge is to take advantage of telematics data, increasingly ...
  • Estimating the Impact of Tobacco Parity and Harm Reduction Tax Proposals Using the Experimental Tobacco Marketplace 

    Freitas-Lemos, Roberta; Keith, Diana R.; Tegge, Allison N.; Stein, Jeffrey S.; Cummings, K. Michael; Bickel, Warren K. (MDPI, 2021-07-23)
    Taxes are a demonstrably effective method to suppress tobacco use. This study examined the effects of the tobacco parity (i.e., imposing taxes equally on all tobacco products) and the harm reduction (i.e., applying taxes ...
  • Development and implementation of a scalable and versatile test for COVID-19 diagnostics in rural communities 

    Ceci, Alessandro; Muñoz-Ballester, Carmen; Tegge, Allison N.; Brown, Katherine L.; Umans, Robyn A.; Michel, F. Marc; Patel, Dipankumar; Tewari, Bhanu; Martin, James E.; Alcoreza, Oscar Jr.; Maynard, Thomas M.; Martinez-Martinez, Daniel; Bordwine, Paige; Bissell, Noelle; Friedlander, Michael J.; Sontheimer, Harald; Finkielstein, Carla V. (Nature Publishing Group, 2021-07-20)
    Rapid and widespread testing of severe acute respiratory coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is essential for an effective public health response aimed at containing and mitigating the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. ...
  • Improving the Success of Stream Restoration Practices – Revised and Expanded 

    Thompson, Theresa M.; Smith, Eric P. (2021-06-28)
    Final Project Report submitted to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Annapolis, MD.
  • Estimate the Unknown Environment with Biosonar Echoes—A Simulation Study 

    Tanveer, Muhammad Hassan; Thomas, Antony; Ahmed, Waqar; Zhu, Hongxiao (MDPI, 2021-06-18)
    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have shown great potential in various applications such as surveillance, search and rescue. To perform safe and efficient navigation, it is vitally important for a UAV to evaluate the ...
  • Improving the success of stream restoration practices 

    Thompson, Theresa M.; Smith, Eric P. (2021-06-16)
    This research focused on 3 questions:
    1. Linking stream restoration success with watershed and design characteristics
    2. Design, project, and watershed factors that affect structure success
    3. Comparison ...
  • A Meta-Analysis of the Protein Components in Rattlesnake Venom 

    Deshwal, Anant; Phan, Phuc; Datta, Jyotishka; Kannan, Ragupathy; Thallapuranam, Suresh Kumar (MDPI, 2021-05-23)
    The specificity and potency of venom components give them a unique advantage in developing various pharmaceutical drugs. Though venom is a cocktail of proteins, rarely are the synergy and association between various venom ...

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