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dc.contributorVirginia Techen_US
dc.contributor.authorLi, Xuesongen_US
dc.contributor.authorMa, Linen_US
dc.identifier.citationLi, Xuesong; Ma, Lin. 2012. "Scaling Law for Photon Transmission through Optically Turbid Slabs Based on Random Walk Theory." Appl. Sci. 2012, 2(1), 160-165; doi:10.3390/app2010160.
dc.description.abstractPast work has demonstrated the value of a random walk theory (RWT) to solve multiple-scattering problems arising in numerous contexts. This paper's goal is to investigate the application range of the RWT using Monte Carlo simulations and extending it to anisotropic media using scaling laws. Meanwhile, this paper also reiterates rules for converting RWT formulas to real physical dimensions, and corrects some errors which appear in an earlier publication. The RWT theory, validated by the Monte Carlo simulations and combined with the scaling law, is expected to be useful to study multiple scattering and to greatly reduce the computation cost.
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
dc.subjectMultiple scatteringen_US
dc.subjectMonte carlo simulationen_US
dc.subjectRandom walk theoryen_US
dc.titleScaling Law for Photon Transmission through Optically Turbid Slabs Based on Random Walk Theoryen_US
dc.typeArticle - Refereeden_US
dc.title.serialApplied Sciences

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International