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  • Strategic Planning for a Data-Driven, Shared-Access Research Enterprise: Virginia Tech Research Data Assessment and Landscape Study 

    Shen, Yi (ACRL, 2016-07)
    The data landscape study at Virginia Tech addresses the changing modes of faculty scholarship and supports the development of a user-centric data infrastructure, management, and curation system. The study investigates ...
  • How Institutions Think (Book Review) 

    Metz, Paul (ACRL, 1987-07)
    A book review of “How Institutions Think” by Mary Tew Douglas.
  • The State of Academic Liaison Librarian Burnout in ARL Libraries in the United States 

    Nardine, Jennifer (ACRL, 2019-05)
    This study investigates the incidence and acuteness of occupational burnout in full-time Association of Research Libraries (ARL) liaison/subject librarians in the United States, using the Maslach Burnout Inventory and Areas ...
  • Blockchain is already here. What does that mean for records management and archives? 

    Bhatia, Sharmila; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony D. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-07-29)
    This article provides a brief overview of blockchain or distributed ledger technology for archivists and records managers. While in the nascent stage, records are already being created or managed by blockchains. Therefore, ...
  • The State of Open Monographs 

    Grimme, Sara; Holland, Cathy; Potter, Peter J.; Taylor, Mike; Watkinson, Charles (Digital Science, 2019-06-10)
    This report addresses the question of how we integrate and value monographs in the increasingly open digital scholarly network. Analysis from industry experts looks at the open monograph landscape in 2019, the impact ...
  • A native iPad app for DSpace 7 

    Gilbertson, Keith (2019)
    The developers of the upcoming version of DSpace 7, in the process of creating an updated and unified DSpace interface, have also updated the REST API for completeness. This redesigned API opens many opportunities for ...
  • A Testbank Sprint for Fundamentals of Business 

    Walz, Anita R. (2019-06-28)
    During two days in January 2019, nine business faculty from seven institutions and three states (VA, NC, OH) worked together to develop a testbank for the open textbook, Fundamentals of Business. This library-planned and ...
  • The Impact of Targeted Data Management Training for Field Research Projects - A Case Study 

    Petters, Jonathan L.; Brooks, George C.; Smith, Jennifer A.; Haas, Carola A. (2019-05-21)
    We present a joint effort at Virginia Tech between a research group in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Data Services in the University Libraries to improve data management for long-term ecological field ...
  • Public Access: A Driver for Preservation and Discovery of Datasets at a US Land-Grant Institution 

    Ogier, Andrea; Petters, Jonathan L.; Pannabecker, Virginia; Settledge, Robert; Grant, Elizabeth; Harden, Samantha; Griffin, Julie; Walters, Tyler
    Public access to federally funded research data ensures preservation and discovery of datasets to promote translation of research evidence into meaningful outcomes. However, historical policy and concerns regarding making ...
  • Using Altmetrics to Explore the Scholarly Conversation with Undergraduates 

    Miles, Rachel; MacDonald, Amanda B. (2019-06-07)
    An emerging tool called altmetrics allows students to more fully engage with and evaluate the conversations surrounding scholarship. Altmetrics represents the online attention to research from sources such as news media ...
  • Navigating 21st Century Digital Scholarship: Open Educational Resources (OERs), Creative Commons, Copyright, and Library Vendor Licenses 

    Seibert, Heather; Miles, Rachel; Geuther, Christina (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2018-06-09)
    Digital scholarship issues are increasingly prevalent in today’s environment. We are faced with questions of how to protect our own works as well as others’ with responsible attribution and usage, sometimes involving a ...
  • Valuing Open Textbooks: Derivatives, Adaptation, and Remix 

    Walz, Anita R. (University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, 2018-07-25)
    This chapter considers the potential of OER (open educational resources) beyond free access by looking at remix, adaptation, or creation within and outside of the classroom. It includes abbreviated descriptions of adapted ...
  • Course Material Decisions and Factors: Unpacking the Opaque Box 

    Walz, Anita R. (Pacific University Press, 2018-11-30)
    The opacity of course-material selection practices and related lack of recent scholarship on the topic is a barrier for open education advocates seeking to understand the context of instructor course material selection. ...
  • Toward Best Practices for OER Quality: A Conversation about OER Quality and Emerging Best Practice Solutions 

    Walz, Anita R.; Guimont, Corinne (2019-05-10)
    Quality, currency, and lack of supplementary learning materials rank highly as barriers to open educational resource (OER) adoption. This session encouraged participants to consider issues, solutions, and emerging best ...
  • Dying Well In the Anthropocene: On the End of Archivists 

    Winn, Samantha R. (Litwin Books, 2019)
    Humanities scholars argue that the Anthropocene forces humanity to confront its death as a species. For memory workers, the specter of biological annihilation is accompanied by a more immediate existential crisis: if there ...
  • Albatross: Rolling on a sea of data 

    Bailey, Annette; Gilmore, Tracy; O'Brien, Leslie; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (2016-11-03)
    Big deals and journal package incentives are an increasing reality for academic libraries, yet the solutions for evaluating these package scenarios in a timely, cost-effective manner are few. The proliferation of these ...
  • A Multi-Tenancy Cloud-Native Digital Library Platform 

    Chen, Yinlin; Ingram, William A.; Tuttle, Jim (2019-06-11)
    Virginia Tech Libraries presents our next generation digital library platform. Our design and implementation addresses the maintainability, sustainability, modularity, and scalability of a digital repository using a Cloud- ...
  • Statement of Achievements 

    Walters, Tyler (Virginia Tech, 2017-03)
    Introduction: The following is a summary of my leadership and achievements as the Dean of University Libraries during the review period, March 2011 to February 2017. The Libraries have undergone tremendous change, perhaps ...
  • Postcustodial Participatory Community Archives 

    Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2017-05-23)
    A presentation providing an overview of postcustodial participatory community archives, including examples of archives operating in this manner, and a discussion of how this type of model could be implemented at Virginia Tech.
  • What Diversity Means to Different Library Departments and why it Matters 

    Kent León, Liz; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony; Connolly-Brown, Maryṥka (Virginia Tech, 2017-06-07)
    A presentation by officers from the Virginia Library Association Diversity & Inclusion Forum discussing how inclusion and diversity topics intersect with various areas of library practice. Aspects of librarianship addressed ...

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