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  • Countercurrent heat exchange and thermoregulation during blood-feeding in kissing bugs. 

    Lahondère, Chloé; Insausti, Teresita C.; Paim, Rafaela M. M.; Luan, Xiaojie; Belev, George; Pereira, MMarcos H.; Ianowski, Juan P.; Lazzari, Claudio R. (2017-11-21)
    Blood-sucking insects experience thermal stress at each feeding event on endothermic vertebrates. We used thermography to examine how kissing-bugs Rhodnius prolixus actively protect themselves from overheating. During ...
  • Protecting soymilk flavor and nutrients from photodegradation 

    Bianchi, Laurie M.; Duncan, Susan E.; Webster, Janet B.; Johnson, Daryan S.; Chang, Hao-Hsun; Marcy, Joseph E.; O'Keefe, Sean F. (Wiley Open Access, 2015-03-18)
    Five different packaging treatments were studied over a 36-day period to determine if they protected soymilk from photo-oxidation. Soymilk was packaged in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles with and without light ...
  • Production of Virus-Derived Ping-Pong-Dependent piRNA-like Small RNAs in the Mosquito Soma 

    Morazzani, Elaine M.; Wiley, Michael R.; Murreddu, Marta G.; Adelman, Zach N.; Myles, Kevin M. (Public Library of Science, 2012-01-05)
    The natural maintenance cycles of many mosquito-borne pathogens require establishment of persistent non-lethal infections in the invertebrate host. The mechanism by which this occurs is not well understood, but we have ...
  • Bed Bugs and Infectious Disease: A Case for the Arboviruses 

    Adelman, Zach N.; Miller, Dini M.; Myles, Kevin M. (Public Library of Science, 2013-08-15)
    Bed bug infestations (Cimicidae; Cimex lectularius) have been increasing worldwide over the last few decades [1,2]. Several factors have been posited to explain this resurgence, including widespread insecticide resistance, ...
  • Germline excision of transgenes in Aedes aegypti by homing endonucleases 

    Aryan, Azadeh; Anderson, Michelle A. E.; Myles, Kevin M.; Adelman, Zach N. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-04)
    Aedes (Ae.) aegypti is the primary vector for dengue viruses (serotypes1-4) and chikungunya virus. Homing endonucleases (HEs) are ancient selfish elements that catalyze double-stranded DNA breaks (DSB) in a highly specific ...