Recent Submissions

  • Corn Earworm Biology and Management in Soybeans 

    Herbert, D. Ames; Hull, Cathy; Day, Eric (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    This publication provides current information on corn earworm biology, prediction of outbreaks, pest advisories, scouting procedures, and recently revised economic thresholds
  • Cereal Leaf Beetle, Biology and Management 

    Herbert, D. Ames; Van Duyn, John W. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Cereal leaf beetle, their description, life cycle, the damage they do to leaves and fields, their management in wheat, insecticidal control and chemical control, scouting method, and scouting frequency
  • Field Guide to Stink Bugs of agricultural importance in the United States 

    Herbert, D. Ames; Kamminga, Katherine; Malone, Sean M.; Kuhar, Thomas P.; Day, Eric; Greene, Jeremy; Bundy, C. Scott; Brown, Lydia; Ellsworth, Peter (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Descriptions of different types of stink bugs and the economic damage they can do to crops
  • Integrated Pest Management Peanut Scouting Manual 

    Linker, H.M.; Jordan, David; Baiely, Jack; Herbert, D. Ames; Phipps, Patrick M.; Swann, Charles W. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    In the competitive global peanut market, you need to lower production costs. At the same time, you also need to keep pesticide residues in peanuts to a minimum; protect rivers, streams, and lakes from runoff; and prevent ...
  • Preparing for an Emergency: Make a Family Emergency Kit 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Why and how to make an emergency preparedness kit for your household
  • Emergency Preparedness: Tornadoes 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses tornadoes, tornado danger signs, tornado scales, how to plan ahead to seek shelter and knowing where to shelter
  • Emergency Preparedness: Pets 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses how to care for pets in an emergency. Protecting animals in emergencies involves a public and private coordinated effort
  • Emergency Preparedness: Floods 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses floods as one of the most common hazards in the United States. Lists types and categories of floods and the damage they can do. How to protect your home from flooding, develop emergency plans, how to create a ...
  • Emergency preparedness: Earthquakes 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses Earthquakes, where the occur the most in the United States, their hazards, severity, hot to create emergency preparedness kits, take protective measures, what to do during the quake, and what to do after the quake
  • Emergency Preparedness: Children 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses helping children with disasters including coping with disaster, developing a family emergency plan, creating a family emergency supply kit, and reassuring children after the disaster.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Biological & Chemical Terrorism 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses terrorism, biological agents, chemical terrorism, how to develop emergency plans, how to create emergency supply kits, evacuation and shelter in place
  • Emergency Preparedness: Basic First-Aid Supplies 

    Martin, Michael; Goerlich, Daniel L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Discusses basic first aid kits for home, school, or businesses
  • Preparing for an Emergency: The Smart Thing to Do 

    Gregg, Cynthia; Grisso, Robert D. (Robert Dwight), 1956- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    This brochure describes how to cope with an emergency situation and protect your family. It will help you to assemble and emergency kit, develop a family communication plan, develop a family evacuation plan, develop and ...
  • 2020 Virginia Peanut Production Guide 

    Balota, Maria; Jordan, David; Mehl, Hllary; Shortridge, Julie; Taylor, Sally (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Provides information on peanut varieties, including which kinds to choose for disease and insect resistance. Also discusses weed control, insect control, disease control, irrigation, fertilizers and equipment.
  • Winter Grain Mite potential pest for small grains and orchardgrass 

    Herbert, D. Ames; Malone, Sean M. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    The Winter Grain Mite, it's description, hosts, lifecycle, the type of damage they do, and control methods
  • Emerald Ash Borer 

    Close, Dave; Wiseman, Eric; Gugercin, Sarah (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    The emerald ash borer is a wood-boring beetle native to eastern Asia and is now considered the most destructive forest pest ever seen in North America. Since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, it has killed tens of millions ...
  • For the Birds, Butterflies & Hummingbirds: Creating Inviting Habitats 

    Free, Mary; Close, Dave (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    This publication examines the habitat requirements for birds, hummingbirds and butterflies, and then gives an overview of planning your garden space to accommodate them.
  • Expanding Food Safety Protocols in an Evolving Landscape of COVID-19 

    Eifert, Joell; Will; Valotton, Amber D.; Williams, Rob; Chase, Melissa W.; Strawn, Laura K. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    This factsheet provides answers to questions discussed and posed during the webinar. We will briefly look at what we know about SARS-CoV2 behavior, such as how it is transmitted, its viability, its inactivation, and then ...
  • Master Food Volunteer Application 

    Chase, Melissa (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Volunteer form to fill out to become a registered Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) volunteer in food areas
  • How Is Pulsed-Light Used To Process Foods? 

    Arnold, Nicole; Yang, Lily; Boyer, Renee (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020)
    Pulsed light (PL) is a food processing technology in which intense, short-duration pulses of white light are used to kill bacteria on food, food contact surfaces, and packaging. The term “pulsed light” is short for and ...

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