The "All Faculty Deposits" collection is for works voluntarily deposited by faculty and appointed delegates from the Electronic Faculty Activity Reporting System (EFARS). Faculty can log in to that system (which runs on the commercial software Symplectic Elements) and deposit a work directly into VTechWorks. For help with EFARS, see Frequently Asked Questions on the Provost's website.

It is the responsibility of the depositor to ensure that s/he has the legal right to deposit a work in VTechWorks under the terms of U.S. copyright law and under the terms of any existing contracts related to the work. In general, though there may be exceptions, authors of a work automatically own copyright in that work once it exists in a fixed form, but as a condition of publication many journals, publishers, and conference proceedings make contractual restrictions on which version of a published work can be deposited in an institutional repository such as VTechWorks. Authors should therefore not assume that they have the right to deposit their own published work in VTechWorks. See for help with deposit rights.
If you believe that any material in VTechWorks infringes your copyright please contact us at and we will investigate your claim and remove any material proven to be infringing.

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