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The Feiertag Hospitality Academy-to-Industry Research Collection brings together research from the academic world with articles written for industry so all can benefit from those insights. The collection includes peer-reviewed academic research in the area of Hospitality Sales and it translates research recommendations and best practices models into a language useful to the hospitality practitioner. This collection aims to bridge the gap between the academy and the hospitality industry.

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  • DoorDash to pay $2.5 million to settle District of Columbia driver gratuity lawsuit 

    Jennings, Lisa (Nation's Restaurant News, 2020-11-25)
    Doordash ended up to settle a lawsuit charging that they misled customers in D.C about how tips were paid to drivers. Doordash has to pay $2.5 million including $1.5 million for the relief and maintain their payment model ...
  • Top 10 hotel trends in 2020: Are they here to stay? 

    Banak, Heidi (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-24)
    In this article, 10 new trends are introduced compiled by consultants at Hotel & Leisure Advisors. Trends are included such as the implementation of Digital Key and Check-in, No daily housekeeping derived as the response ...
  • The Future of Event Security is Data Privacy 

    Tupper, Angela (EventMB, 2020-11-13)
    The writer introduces Connectus Global's Citizen Care Pod real-time location system(RTLS), which helps to screen and trace attendees to prevent spreading the virus in the event. CEO Mike Anderson explained their product ...
  • PCMA To Acquire the Corporate Event Marketing Association 

    Shapiro, Michael J. (Northstar Meetings Group, 2020-11-20)
    The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) will finalize their accusation of the Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) in January of 2021. CEOs of both associations are hopeful this pairing will expand ...
  • Airbnb files IPO in face of profitability challenges 

    Burke, Katie (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-17)
    As Airbnb continues to work towards going public, the company lists growing competition, the pandemic, and turbulence in the tourism section as points of concern. Executives worry the stock will drop, much like WeWork, and ...
  • Attendee health a major focus for future events 

    McCracken, Sean (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-18)
    The health of general attendees has never been as important as it is today. Planners are attempting to work with medical experts on what will be the best practices once in person meetings resume. Currently, leaders are ...
  • How COVID-19 has changed travelers priorities 

    Klauda, Chris; Lawson, Lauren (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-20)
    The overarching theme of the 2020 bookings scene continues to be dominated by short-term rentals and small-urban hotels. Larger hotels RevPar numbers continue to be worse off and are seen as more of a threat of coming into ...
  • US hotels took first step backward in October 

    Kubacki, Dan (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-19)
    October was the first month since April to see a decline in overall RevPar standings from September. Although it the numbers did not drop significantly, it remains a negative factor in an industry that is hoping to have a ...
  • Short term rental bookings are up following news of vaccine 

    Menze, Jill (PhocusWire, 2020-11-20)
    Traveler and market confidence has spiked with the news of two main COVID-19 vaccines. Short-term rentals are already seeing a jump in Q1 of 2021 reservations and new travel patterns continue to emerge. Unfortunately, ...
  • CDC Says To Stay Home, But 45 Million People Will Travel Anyways This Thanksgiving 

    Edelstein, Loren G. (Northstar Meetings Group, 2020-11-20)
    U.S. Travel Association President & CEO, Roger Dow, pleads with travelers to wear their mask to not only protect themselves, but those around them this Thanksgiving holiday. Dow continued to push the message out that the ...
  • U.S. Election Outcome Yields Hope, But Plans for In-Person Events Shift to Later in '21 

    Edelstein, Lauren G. (Northstar Meetings Group, 2020-11-19)
    A survey conducted by the Northstar Meetings Group has determined that while many industry professionals are eager to get back to in person events, meeting planners are not so on-board with the idea. Fear remains one of ...
  • Should We Be Holding In-Person Meetings? 

    Edelstein, Loren G. (Northstar Meetings Group, 2020-11-17)
    In a survey conducted by Northstar Meetings Group, the main consensus was that if individuals want to travel, they should travel. MPI held an in-person meeting of 600 people this November, but faced backlash from members ...
  • Travel industry could lose $318B through ripple effect of grounded flights 

    Fox, Linda (PhocusWire, 2020-11-24)
    Accenture reported that the travel industry could lose roughly $318 billion if air travel continues to be reduced due to the rising numbers and added restrictions of COVID-19.
  • Hotel F&B Leases: The View from the Restaurant [Summary] 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020-11-22)
    This article gives a few lessons to restaurant operators who want to start their business in the hotel with the lease agreement. Regarding building a lease agreement with the hotel company, operators should clarify key ...
  • The emerging trend of hotel total revenue management [Summary] 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020-11-22)
    From the research, 12 experts from the industry shared valuable insights about total revenue management’s present and future. Few suggestions were provided; first, hotels should value their revenue management employees not ...
  • The entrepreneurial approach to hotel operation: Evidence from the Asia-Pacific hotel industry [Summary] 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020-11-22)
    From the study, we have learned that managers from entrepreneurial hotels who are willing to change and innovate themselves to win the competition are more likely to lead the market compared to traditional hotel corporations. ...
  • Airbnb files IPO in face of profitability challenges 

    Burke, Katie (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-17)
    However, there are also concerns about IPOs. This is because investors, like other unicorn companies, will start monitoring the actual situation of the company after the disclosure. Also, the income of the travel industry ...
  • US hotel payroll costs down, but insurance costs remain 

    Ross, Del (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-20)
    According to labor-management data from Hotel Effectiveness, Hotel's payroll costs in 2020 are 40%-60% lower than in 2019 since more than half of the jobs in the hotel industry have gone after the pandemic. Despite that, ...
  • How COVID-19 has changed travelers’ priorities 

    Klauda, Chris; Lawson, Rhona (Hotel News Now, 2020-11-20)
    According to the STR's Tourism Consumer Insights, travelers prefer smaller hotels and short-term rentals for their accommodation when they travel during the pandemic. Also, Tourists' priorities have switched to cleanliness ...
  • Why Virtual Events Require More Planning Time 

    Gale, Casey (PCMA, 2020-11-18)
    This article shares the best practice of how the virtual event went successfully from ASTRO's Annual Meeting held in October. They started their preparation to plan the event 6 months early from the meeting date. This made ...

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