Destination Areas, along with related, smaller-scale Strategic Growth Areas, provide faculty and students with new tools to identify and solve complex, 21st-century problems in which Virginia Tech already has significant strengths and can take a global leadership role. The initiative represents the next step in the evolution of the land-grant university to meet economic and societal needs of the world. []

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  • Growth and survival relationships of 71 tree species with nitrogen and sulfur deposition across the conterminous U.S. 

    Horn, Kevin J.; Thomas, R. Quinn; Clark, Christopher M.; Pardo, Linda H.; Fenn, Mark E.; Lawrence, Gregory B.; Perakis, Steven S.; Smithwick, Erica A. H.; Baldwin, Douglas; Braun, Sabine; Nordin, Annika; Perry, Charles H.; Phelan, Jennifer N.; Schaberg, Paul G.; St. Clair, Samuel B.; Warby, Richard; Watmough, Shaun (PLOS, 2018-10-18)
    Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen (N) influences forest demographics and carbon (C) uptake through multiple mechanisms that vary among tree species. Prior studies have estimated the effects of atmospheric N deposition on ...
  • Monitoring Influenza Epidemics in China with Search Query from Baidu 

    Yuan, Qingyu; Nsoesie, Elaine O.; Lv, Benfu; Peng, Geng; Chunara, Rumi; Brownstein, John S. (PLOS, 2013-05-30)
    Several approaches have been proposed for near real-time detection and prediction of the spread of influenza. These include search query data for influenza-related terms, which has been explored as a tool for augmenting ...
  • Discovery and ramifications of incidental Magnéli phase generation and release from industrial coal-burning 

    Yang, Yi; Chen, Bo; Hower, James C.; Schindler, Michael; Winkler, Christopher; Brandt, Jessica E.; Di Giulio, Richard T.; Ge, Jianping; Liu, Min; Fu, Yuhao; Zhang, Lijun; Chen, Yu-ru; Priya, Shashank; Hochella, Michael F. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-01-12)
    Coal, as one of the most economic and abundant energy sources, remains the leading fuel for producing electricity worldwide. Yet, burning coal produces more global warming CO2 relative to all other fossil fuels, and it is ...
  • Network Effects of Risk Behavior Change Following Prophylactic Interventions 

    Rajaraman, Rajmohan; Sun, Zhifeng; Sundaram, Ravi; Vullikanti, Anil Kumar S. (PLOS, 2013-08-01)
    We formulated a network-based model to understand how risk behavior change in conjunction with failure of prophylactic interventions can lead to unintended outcomes where “less (intervention) is more (effective).” Our model ...
  • Risk Map of Cholera Infection for Vaccine Deployment: The Eastern Kolkata Case 

    You, Young Ae; Ali, Mohammad; Kanungo, Suman; Sah, Binod; Manna, Byomkesh; Puri, Mahesh; Nair, G. Balakrish; Bhattacharya, Sujit Kumar; Convertino, Matteo; Deen, Jacqueline L.; Lopez, Anna Lena; Wierzba, Thomas F.; Clemens, John; Sur, Dipika (PLOS, 2013-08-02)
    Background Despite advancement of our knowledge, cholera remains a public health concern. During March-April 2010, a large cholera outbreak afflicted the eastern part of Kolkata, India. The quantification of importance ...
  • Battling the Bear: Ukraine's Approach to National Cybersecurity 

    Brantly, A (2018-09-29)
    Ukraine has faced substantial challenges across multiple fronts its successful 2014 Revolution of Dignity. Among the greatest challenges Ukraine has faced is the establishment of a national cybersecurity infrastructure ...
  • Tumor-Specific Chromosome Mis-Segregation Controls Cancer Plasticity by Maintaining Tumor Heterogeneity 

    Hu, Yuanjie; Ru, Ning; Xiao, Huasheng; Chaturbedi, Abhishek; Hoa, Neil T.; Tian, Xiao-Jun; Zhang, Hang; Ke, Chao; Yan, Fengrong; Nelson, Jodi; Li, Zhenzhi; Gramer, Robert; Yu, Liping; Siegel, Eric; Zhang, Xiaona; Jia, Zhenyu; Jadus, Martin R.; Limoli, Charles L.; Linskey, Mark E.; Xing, Jianhua; Zhou, Yi-Hong (PLOS, 2013-09-25)
    Aneuploidy with chromosome instability is a cancer hallmark. We studied chromosome 7 (Chr7) copy number variation (CNV) in gliomas and in primary cultures derived from them. We found tumor heterogeneity with cells having ...
  • New Agents for Targeting of IL-13RA2 Expressed in Primary Human and Canine Brain Tumors 

    Debinski, Waldemar; Dickinson, Peter; Rossmeisl, John H.; Robertson, John; Gibo, Denise M. (PLOS, 2013-10-16)
    Interleukin 13 receptor alpha 2 (IL-13RA2) is over-expressed in a vast majority of human patients with high-grade astrocytomas like glioblastoma. Spontaneous astrocytomas in dogs resemble human disease and have been proposed ...
  • What to know before forecasting the flu 

    Chakraborty, Prithwish; Lewis, Bryan; Eubank, Stephen; Brownstein, John S.; Marathe, Madhav; Ramakrishnan, Naren (PLOS, 2018-10-12)
    Accurate and timely influenza (flu) forecasting has gained significant traction in recent times. If done well, such forecasting can aid in deploying effective public health measures. Unlike other statistical or machine ...
  • Oxygen dynamics control the burial of organic carbon in a eutrophic reservoir 

    Carey, Cayelan C.; Doubek, Jonathan P.; McClure, Ryan P.; Hanson, Paul C. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017-12-06)
    Organic carbon (OC) mineralization in freshwaters is dependent on oxygen availability near the sediments, which controls whether OC inputs will be buried or respired. However, oxygen dynamics in waterbodies are changing ...
  • The Changing Face of Water: A Dynamic Reflection of Antibiotic Resistance Across Landscapes 

    Sanderson, Claire E.; Fox, J. Tyler; Dougherty, Eric R.; Cameron, Andrew D. S.; Alexander, Kathleen A. (Frontiers, 2018-09-06)
    Little is known about the role of surface water in the propagation of antibiotic resistance (AR), or the relationship between AR and water quality declines. While healthcare and agricultural sectors are considered the main ...
  • Identification and Glycerol-Induced Correction of Misfolding Mutations in the X-Linked Mental Retardation Gene CASK 

    LaConte, Leslie E. W.; Chavan, Vrushali; Mukherjee, Konark (PLOS, 2014-02-05)
    The overwhelming amount of available genomic sequence variation information demands a streamlined approach to examine known pathogenic mutations of any given protein. Here we seek to outline a strategy to easily classify ...
  • The Role of Muscle microRNAs in Repairing the Neuromuscular Junction 

    Valdez, Gregorio; Heyer, Mary P.; Feng, Guoping; Sanes, Joshua R. (PLOS, 2014-03-24)
    microRNAs have been implicated in mediating key aspects of skeletal muscle development and responses to diseases and injury. Recently, we demonstrated that a synaptically enriched microRNA, miR-206, functions to promote ...
  • Creating Technological Surprise 

    Walker, Steven H. (Virginia Tech, 2018-10-05)
    This is an abstract from the 2018 Hugh and Ethel Kelly Lecture, "Creating Technological Surprise", presented by Dr. Steven H. Walker in Goodwin Hall on October 5, 2018.
  • Supporting maintenance of sugar-sweetened beverage reduction using automated versus live telephone support: findings from a randomized control trial 

    Zoellner, Jamie M; You, Wen; Estabrooks, Paul A; Chen, Yvonnes; Davy, Brenda M; Porter, Kathleen J; Hedrick, Valisa E; Bailey, Angela; Kružliaková, Natalie (2018-10-04)
    Abstract Background Although reducing sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) intake is an important behavioral strategy to improve health, no known SSB-focused behavioral trial has ...
  • Central Presynaptic Terminals Are Enriched in ATP but the Majority Lack Mitochondria 

    Chavan, Vrushali; Willis, Jeffery; Walker, Sidney K.; Clark, Helen R.; Liu, Xinran; Fox, Michael A.; Srivastava, Sarika; Mukherjee, Konark (PLOS, 2015-04-30)
    Synaptic neurotransmission is known to be an energy demanding process. At the presynapse, ATP is required for loading neurotransmitters into synaptic vesicles, for priming synaptic vesicles before release, and as a substrate ...
  • Regret Expression and Social Learning Increases Delay to Sexual Gratification 

    Quisenberry, Amanda J.; Eddy, Celia R.; Patterson, David L.; Franck, Christopher T.; Bickel, Warren K. (PLOS, 2015-08-17)
    Objective Modification and prevention of risky sexual behavior is important to individuals’ health and public health policy. This study employed a novel sexual discounting task to elucidate the effects of social learning ...
  • Thermal and Hydrodynamic Changes under a Warmer Climate in a Variably Stratified Hypereutrophic Reservoir 

    Lee, Raymond Mark; Biggs, Trent Wade; Fang, Xing (MDPI, 2018-09-19)
    We quantified effects of future climate warming on temperature and stability in a variably stratified, hypereutrophic reservoir with large fluctuations in water level by calibrating a 2-D model (CE-QUAL-W2, version 3.7.1, ...
  • Static-Aligned Piezoelectric Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) Electrospun Nanofibers/MWCNT Composite Membrane: Facile Method 

    Shehata, Nader; Elnabawy, Eman; Abdelkader, Mohamed; Hassanin, Ahmed H.; Salah, Mohamed; Nair, Remya; Ahmad Bhat, Sameer (MDPI, 2018-09-01)
    Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) piezoelectric electrospun nanofibers have been intensively used for sensing and actuation applications in the last decade. However, in most cases, random PVDF piezoelectric nanofiber mats ...

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