Destination Areas provide faculty and students with new tools to identify and solve complex, 21st-century problems in which Virginia Tech already has significant strengths and can take a global leadership role. The initiative represents the next step in the evolution of the land-grant university to meet economic and societal needs of the world. DAs connect the full span of relevant knowledge necessary for addressing issues comprehensively. Humanistic, scientific, and technological perspectives are addressed in relationship to one another and they are treated as complementary to overcome traditional academic boundaries, such as those that separate the STEM fields and liberal arts. []

Collections in this community

  • DA: Adaptive Brain and Behavior (ABB) [39]

    This destination area focuses broadly on how brains change and adapt over the life course, how they change following traumatic events or diseases, and how social and societal forces are affected by and affect brains and ...
  • DA: Data and Decisions (D&D) [71]

    D&D seeks to advance the human condition and society with better decisions through data.
  • DA: Global Systems Science (GSS) [12]

    GSS fosters the transdisciplinary study of the dynamic interplay between natural and social systems, finding creative solutions to critical social problems emergent from human activity and environmental change.

Recent Submissions

  • Psychiatric Disorders and Drug Use Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected Adults in the United States 

    Bing, Eric G.; Burnam, M. Audrey; Longshore, Douglas; Fleishman, John A.; Sherbourne, Cathy Donald; London, Andrew S.; Turner, Barbara J.; Eggan, Ferd; Beckman, Robin; Vitiello, Benedetto; Morton, Sally C.; Orlando, Maria; Bozzette, Samuel A.; Ortiz-Barron, Lucila; Shapiro, Martin (AMA, 2001-08)
    Background: There have been no previous nationally representative estimates of the prevalence of mental disorders and drug use among adults receiving care for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease in the United States. ...
  • A Model for a Smallpox-Vaccination Policy 

    Bozzette, Samuel A.; Boer, Rob; Bhatnagar, Vibha; Brower, Jennifer L.; Keeler, Emmett B.; Morton, Sally C.; Stoto, Michael A. (NEJM Group, 2003-01-30)
    Background: The new reality of biologic terrorism and warfare has ignited a debate about whether to reintroduce smallpox vaccination. Methods: We developed scenarios of smallpox attacks and built a stochastic model of ...
  • Expenditures for the Care of HIV-Infected Patients in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy 

    Bozzette, Samuel A.; Joyce, Geoffrey; McCaffrey, Daniel F.; Leibowitz, Arleen A.; Morton, Sally C.; Berry, Sandra H.; Rastegar, Afshin; Timberlake, David; Shapiro, Martin F.; Goldman, Dana P. (NEJM Group, 2001-03-15)
    Background: The introduction of expensive but very effective antiviral medications has led to questions about the effects on the total use of resources for the care of patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ...
  • Use of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services Among Adults With HIV in the United States 

    Burnam, M. Audrey; Bing, Eric G.; Morton, Sally C.; Sherbourne, Cathy; Fleishman, John A.; London, Andrew S.; Vitiello, Benedetto; Stein, Michael; Bozzette, Samuel A.; Shapiro, Martin F. (AMA, 2001-08)
    Background: The need for mental health and substance abuse services is great among those with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but little information is available on services used by this population or on individual ...
  • Efficacy and Safety of Ephedra and Ephedrine for Weight Loss and Athletic Performance: A Meta-analysis 

    Shekelle, Paul G.; Hardy, Mary; Morton, Sally C.; Maglione, Margaret; Mojica, Walter A.; Suttorp, Marika J.; Rhodes, Shannon L.; Jungvig, Lara; Gagné, James (AMA, 2003-03-26)
    CONTEXT: Ephedra and ephedrine sometimes are used for weight loss or enhanced athletic performance, but the efficacy and safety of these compounds are uncertain. OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy and safety of ephedra ...
  • Delayed Medical Care After Diagnosis in a US National Probability Sample of Persons Infected With Human Immunodeficiency Virus 

    Turner, Barbara J.; Cunningham, William E.; Duan, Naihua; Andersen, Ronald M.; Shapiro, Martin F.; Bozzette, Samuel A.; Nakazono, Terry; Morton, Sally; Crystal, Steven; St. Clair, Patti; Stein, Michael; Zierler, Sally (AMA, 2000-09-25)
    Objective: To identify health care and patient factors associated with delayed initial medical care for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Design: Survey of a national probability sample of persons with HIV ...
  • The effectiveness of computerized order entry at reducing preventable adverse drug events and medication errors in hospital settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis reducing preventable adverse drug events and medication errors in hospital settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Nuckols, Teryl K.; Smith-Spangler, Crystal; Morton, Sally C.; Asch, Steven M.; Patel, Vaspaan M.; Anderson, Laura J.; Deichsel, Emily L.; Shekelle, Paul G. (BMC, 2014)
    Background: The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act subsidizes implementation by hospitals of electronic health records with computerized provider order entry (CPOE), which may reduce ...
  • Are Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes effective? 

    Shekelle, Paul G.; Hardy, Mary; Morton, Sally C.; Coulter, Ian; Venuturupalli, Swamy; Favreau, Joya; Hilton, Lara K. (Frontline Medical Communications Inc., 2005-10)
    Objective: To evaluate and synthesize the evidence on the effect of Ayurvedic therapies for diabetes mellitus. Design: Systematic review of trials. Measurements and main results: We found no study that assessed ...
  • Transmission patterns of smallpox: systematic review of natural outbreaks in Europe and North America since World War II 

    Bhatnagar, Vibha; Stoto, Michael A.; Morton, Sally C.; Boer, Rob; Bozzette, Samuel A. (BMC, 2006-05-05)
    Background: Because smallpox (variola major) may be used as a biological weapon, we reviewed outbreaks in post-World War II Europe and North America in order to understand smallpox transmission patterns. Methods: A ...
  • Interventions for the prevention of falls in older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials 

    Chang, John T.; Morton, Sally C.; Rubenstein, Laurence Z.; Mojica,Walter A.; Maglione, Margaret; Suttorp, Marika J.; Roth, Elizabeth A.; Shekelle, Paul G. (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, 2004-03-20)
    Objective: To assess the relative effectiveness of interventions to prevent falls in older adults to either a usual care group or control group. Design: Systematic review and meta-analyses. Data sources Medline, ...
  • Ephedra 

    Morton, Sally C. (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2005-08)
    In February 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibited the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids (ephedra), stating that such supplements present an unreasonable risk of illness or ...
  • Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Cancer Risk 

    MacLean, Catherine H.; Newberry, Sydne J.; Mojica, Walter A.; Khanna, Puja; Issa, Amalia M.; Suttorp, Marika J.; Lim, Yee-Wee; Traina, Shana B.; Hilton, Lara; Garland, Rena; Morton, Sally C. (AMA, 2006-04)
    Context: Omega-3 fatty acids are purported to reduce the risk of cancer. Studies have reported mixed results. Objective: To synthesize published and unpublished evidence to determine estimates of the effect of omega-3 ...
  • Towards an in silico Experimental Platform for Air Quality: Houston, TX as a Case Study 

    Pires, Bianica; Korkmaz, Gizem; Ensor, Katherine; Higdon, David; Keller, Sallie; Lewis, Bryan; Schroeder, Aaron (CSSSA, 2015)
    In this paper we couple a spatiotemporal air quality model of ozone concentration levels with the synthetic information model of the Houston Metropolitan Area. While traditional approaches often aggregate the population, ...
  • Can Administrative Housing Data Replace Survey Data? 

    Molfino, Emily; Korkmaz, Gizem; Keller, Sallie A.; Schroeder, Aaron; Shipp, Stephanie; Weinberg, Daniel H. (HUD, 2017)
    This article examines the feasibility of using local administrative data sources for enhancing and supplementing federally collected survey data to describe housing in Arlington County, Virginia. Using real estate assessment ...
  • Evaluating the bio-hydrological impact of a cloud forest in Central America using a semi-distributed water balance model 

    Caballero, Luis A.; Easton, Zachary M.; Richards, Brian K.; Steenhuis, Tammo S. (De Gruyter, 2013-03-01)
    Water scarcity poses a major threat to food security and human health in Central America and is increasingly recognized as a pressing regional issues caused primarily by deforestation and population pressure. Tools that ...
  • Modeling targeted layered containment of an influenza pandemic in the United States 

    Halloran, Elizabeth M.; Ferguson, Neil M.; Eubank, Stephen; Longini Jr., Ira M.; Cummings, Derek A.T.; Lewis, Bryan; Xu, Shufu; Fraser, Christophe; Vullikanti, Anil; Germann, Timothy C.; Wagener, Diane; Beckman, Richard; Kadau, Kai; Barrett, Chris; Macken, Catherine A.; Burke, Donald S.; Cooley, Philip (NAS, 2008-03-25)
    Planning a response to an outbreak of a pandemic strain of influenza is a high public health priority. Three research groups using different individual-based, stochastic simulation models have examined the consequences of ...
  • Human Initiated Cascading Failures in Societal Infrastructures 

    Barrett, Chris; Channakeshava, Karthik; Huang, Fei; Kim, Junwhan; Marathe, Achla; Marathe, Madhav V.; Pei, Guanhong; Saha, Sudip; Subbiah, Balaaji S.P.; Vullikanti, Anil Kumar S. (PLOS, 2012-10-31)
    In this paper, we conduct a systematic study of human-initiated cascading failures in three critical inter-dependent societal infrastructures due to behavioral adaptations in response to a crisis. We focus on three closely ...
  • Detail in network models of epidemiology: are we there yet? 

    Eubank, S.; Barrett, C.; Beckman, R.; Bisset, K.; Durbeck, L.; Kuhlman, C.; Lewis, B.; Marathe, A.; Marathe, M.; Stretz, P. (Taylor & Francis, 2010-09)
    Network models of infectious disease epidemiology can potentially provide insight into howto tailor control strategies for specific regions, but only if the network adequately reflects the structure of the region’s ...
  • Policy Adjustment in a Dynamic Economic Game 

    Li, Jian; McClure, Samuel M.; King-Casas, Brooks; Montague, P. Read (PLOS, 2006-12)
    Making sequential decisions to harvest rewards is a notoriously difficult problem. One difficulty is that the real world is not stationary and the reward expected from a contemplated action may depend in complex ways on ...
  • Neural computations underlying social risk sensitivity 

    Lauharatanahirun, Nina; Christopoulos, George I.; King-Casas, Brooks (Frontiers, 2012-08-02)
    Under standard models of expected utility, preferences over stochastic events are assumed to be independent of the source of uncertainty. Thus, in decision-making, an agent should exhibit consistent preferences, regardless ...

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