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Recent Submissions

  • Diversity and Vaccine Controversy 

    Frempong, Erica (Virginia Tech, 2010)
    My area of research dealt with many different aspects of the vaccine movement, the main three were: anti-vaccine sentiments over the Internet, global instances of anti-vaccination efforts, and differences in social class ...
  • Anti-Vaccination Movement 

    Chapman, Jonathan (Virginia Tech, 2010-03-13)
    The current anti-vaccination movements that have established themselves in the United States as well as other regions in the world are like a hydra of discourse. Right when one effective measure is created to convince ...
  • The Autism Vaccine Scare 

    Cobert, Lauren (Virginia Tech, 2010)
    The main goal of vaccination is to stop the spread of communicable diseases. Maintaining a herd vaccination rate of ~90% is how WHO controls outbreaks of preventable infectious diseases. However, the autism vaccine scare ...
  • The Influence of Government and Media on Vaccination Opinions 

    Smith, Carly (Virginia Tech, 2010-05-10)
    Multitudes of vaccines have been produced since the introduction of the very first against smallpox. Some saw success while others were failures. No matter the vaccine, though, there are always those who resist for one ...
  • Vaccine Controversy Medical Oversight 

    Casady, Megan (Virginia Tech, 2010)
    The anti-vaccination movement has gained significant influence because of its extremely diverse underlying support. From distrust of governmental policies regarding vaccination to scientific data that seemingly proves the ...
  • Media and the Public Perceptions of Vaccines 

    Trebach, Josh; Soppet, Kelsey; Sozer, Aubrey (Virginia Tech, 2011)
    People are exposed to the media’s influence from early on in life. Media here refers to all the types of technology that are used for mass communication (Internet, newspapers, radio, etc.) and those that control the ...