Undergraduates should consult with their faculty mentor before requesting to submit to this collection, especially when data has not been previously published.

Recent Submissions

  • Design of a 15MW Solid-State Linear Transformer Driver for Gas Switch Triggering Applications 

    Sherburne, Michael (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-02)
    Field-reversed configuration (FRC) research and pulsed high-energy experiments are in a need of an upgrade. Studying nuclear fusion and obtaining high energy yields for flash x-ray radiography using plasma or particles can ...
  • Wake Forest: Voices that Tell of a Faith Community 

    Cain Grim, Morgan (2014-11-04)
    A senior thesis project on the faith history of Wake Forest, an African American community in Montgomery County, Virginia. Includes transcribed oral histories, photos of churches and congregations, and previously collected ...
  • Wall / Frame 

    Hummel, Patrick B. (Virginia Tech, 2008-04-28)
    Resolving the conditions presented by rammed earth walls and a timber frame coexisting in a residence.