Analysis of metal matrix composite structures using a micromechanical constitutive theory

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The nonlinear behavior of continuous-fiber-reinforced metal-matrix composite structures is examined using a micromechanical constitutive theory. Effective lamina and laminate constitutive relations based on the Aboudi micromechanics theory are presented. The inelastic matrix behavior is modeled by the unified viscoplasticity theory of Bodner and Partom. The laminate constitutive relations are incorporated into a first-order shear deformation plate theory. The resulting boundary value problem is solved by utilizing the finite element method. · Computational aspects of the numerical solution, such as the temporal integration of the inelastic strains and the spatial integration of bending moments are addressed. Numerical results are presented which illustrate the nonlinear response of metal matrix composites subjected to extensional and bending loads. Experimental data from available literature are in good agreement with the numerical results.