Programming Language and Tools for Automated Testing

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Virginia Tech


Software testing is a necessary and integral part of the software quality process. It is estimated that inadequate testing infrastructure cost the US economy between $22.2 and $59.5 billion.

We present Sulu, a programming language designed with automated unit testing specifically in mind, as a demonstration of how software testing may be more integrated and automated into the software development process. Sulu's runtime and tools support automated testing from end to end; automating the generation, execution, and evaluation of test suites using both code coverage and mutation analysis. Sulu is also designed to fully integrate automatically generated tests with manually written test suites. Sulu's tools incorporate pluggable test case generators, which enables the software developer to employ different test case generation algorithms.

To show the effectiveness of this integrated approach, we designed an experiment to evaluate a family of test suites generated using one test case generation algorithm, which exhaustively enumerates every sequence of method calls within a certain bound. The results show over 80% code coverage and high mutation coverage for the most comprehensive test suite generated.



programming language, software engineering, Sulu, unit testing, software testing