Veterans and Broadband Access in Virginia: Implications for Healthcare Planning and Policy

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Virginia Tech
Veterans in Society: Changing the Discourse


The paper summarizes results and ongoing research into the implication of broadband access and utilization as a means to improve veterans' health care services and coordination. The study examines (a) broadband access, capacity and utilization as it relates to health care providers ability to serve veterans, (b) broadband access, capacity and utilization as it relates to the veteran ability to access and utilize health care services and (c) broadband utilization as it relates to health and behavioral outcomes. The paper also aims to better understand program and policy context that enables or limits utilization of broadband to meet veteran health needs. The project provides critical linkages to how broadband may be utilized as a foundation in veterans' health care. Moreover, the research identifies needs required to promote program and policy action necessary to leverage and maximize broadband resources to support Virginia veterans' well being.



Veterans, Broadband, Healthcare