The design of a data based information system model for industrial arts education programs in the United States and territories

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to design a continuous data-based information system model that will aid in the response to the current and future information needs of industrial arts education.

A major problem for research and development in industrial arts education continues to be locating, storing, and organizing basic data about the current status of industrial arts education programs. Industrial arts educators are continually faced with the challenges of planning and modifying programs in the environment of a continually changing and complex society. Data collected in industrial arts programs in the United States and territories have been found to be fragmented and inaccurate. Although selected data have been collected on various aspects of education by agencies such as the N.E.A. and U.S.D.E., there is currently no continuous national reporting system aimed specifically at collecting comprehensive data on all industrial arts programs. With these data, the profession can make sounder judgements for improvements needed on a national, state and local basis.

A panel of recognized industrial arts consultants were solicited to determine and evaluate the data needs and proposed system components. Further refinement of the system resulted in a field test using the 54 state and territorial industrial arts supervisors as the population. The results of the study identified weaknesses and strengths of the system as a basis for further refinement. The product of the study was a set of functional procedures and components necessary for a data-based information system model.