Beyond Obstacles: Toward Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in Hungary. A Literature Review


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Alarmed by research that reveals Hungary as having one of the lowest reporting rates in cases of sexual violence in Europe, this article provides an overview of the research that explains why, historically, sexual violence has been and continues to be underreported all over the globe, from law enforcement and criminal justice perspective. Furthermore, we describe the unique circumstances that might influence Hungarian victims of sexual violence to make formal reports. Among other possible factors, we discuss rape myth acceptance, victim blaming, feminist activism, institutional betrayal, and media representations of rape. In an effort to provide insight into Hungarian gender politics, this article raises salient theoretical works on gender ideology and gender policy in contemporary Hungary. This article concludes with a discussion on what implications such research in Hungary may have on a global understanding of sexual violence reporting.



Social Sciences, Criminology & Penology, Family Studies, Social Work, Hungarian feminism, rape culture, rape myth acceptance, gender politics, gender policy, RAPE-MYTH-ACCEPTANCE, REAL RAPE, SURVIVORS EXPERIENCES, REPORTING RAPE, POLICE, ASSAULT, WOMEN, COLLEGE, STEREOTYPES, ATTITUDES, 1607 Social Work, 1701 Psychology, 1801 Law, Criminology